Midnight Oil

The world is getting warmer. The weather is getting weirder. And in Alaska, we have a front row seat. Last season, we looked back — at the state’s roller-coaster history with oil. This time, we’re looking forward, to one of the biggest question marks ahead: climate change.

Bonus Episode: The Neighbors

Alaska is on the verge of a new oil boom — and the village of Nuiqsut is right in the middle.

The Big Thaw Ep 1: The Village

The land Newtok was built on is eroding away, threatening not just the village, but a way of life.

The Big Thaw Ep 2: The Senator

On climate change, and so many other things, Senator Murkowski finds herself in the middle.

The Big Thaw Ep 3: The Fisherman

Cod are disappearing in the Gulf of Alaska. Is this a preview of what’s to come as the oceans warm?

The Big Thaw Ep 4: The Visitors

We hear a lot of alarm about how vulnerable polar bears are to climate change. But in Kaktovik, changing ice conditions have created something different: too many bears.

The Big Thaw Ep 5: The Culprits

As pressure to address climate change slowly builds around the world, what’s an oil company to do?

SEASON 2 • The Big Thaw: Coming Soon

All new episodes of Midnight Oil start August 9. Check back here or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

SEASON 1 • Midnight Oil

In June 1977, the first barrel of oil flowed down the trans-Alaska pipeline. That oil and the pipeline that carried it forever changed the state. Forty years later, Alaska’s Energy Desk explores that rich history.

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