About KTOO News

KTOO has a mid-sized newsroom in a small market, which means we have robust reporting power and a strong presence and reputation in the community. 

Our editorial focus is a mix of stories of local and statewide importance. Our statewide reporters focus on state government, healthcare, energy & natural resource policy, Alaska’s economy, science and climate change. Our local reporters focus on city governance, housing & homelessness issues, tourism & other local economic drivers, social justice, early childhood education & schools, and Alaska Native culture and governance.

KTOO supports station-wide efforts to increase diversity and inclusion. The newsroom is committed to consciously seeking out voices, perspectives and stories not found in other outlets or in the media at all. We keep track of the gender and race and/or ethnicity of all our sources and strive to source our stories with diversity and inclusivity in mind. 

KTOO is honored to broadcast on Lingít Aaní. Our studios sit on fill that was once tideland, and is the home of the Áak’w Ḵwáan L’eeneidí, or Dog Salmon People. We respect the Lingít people for the care of this land and these waterways for thousands of years.

Our mission

Relying on voices, perspectives and stories historically underserved by news outlets, KTOO News provides information our community needs to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our role in local, statewide and national issues and events.

KTOO News Staff

  • Rashah McChesney
    Daily News Editor

    I help the newsroom establish daily news priorities and do hands-on editing to ensure a steady stream of breaking and enterprise news for a local and regional audience.

  • Jennifer Pemberton
    Managing Editor

    I bring stories from the community into the KTOO newsroom so that all of our reporting matters. I want to hear my community’s struggles and its wins reflected in our coverage. Does our reporting reflect your experience in Juneau?

  • Shayne Nuesca
    Digital Editor

    I know you’re busy and I want to take the work out of getting information. I’m here to make sure we’re listening to you — through our website, social media and everywhere else on digital. What questions have come up after our reporting?

Kaysa Korpela is interviewed about business from cruise ship passengers on July 23, 2021. Korpela is an employee at The Bear's Lair, a gift shop in Juneau.
Kaysa Korpela is interviewed by KTOO reporter Bridget Dowd about business from cruise ship passengers on July 23, 2021. Korpela is an employee at The Bear’s Lair, a gift shop in Juneau. (Photo by Jennifer Pemberton / KTOO).

Our local news team

KTOO’s local news reporters are always looking for stories about life in Juneau, and in the areas of city leadership & governance, Alaska Native tribal governments, Juneau schools, local politics and social justice.

Email: news@ktoo.org
Twitter: @KTOOpubmedia

  • Matt Miller
    Morning Host & Local News Reporter
    Public Safety | Search & Rescue | Emergency Response | Weather

    I’m up early every weekday morning pulling together all the news and information you need to start your day. I find the stories unique to Juneau or Southeast Alaska that may linger or become food-for-thought at the end of your day. What information do you need from me to give your day some context?

  • Jeremy Hsieh
    Local News Reporter
    Tourism | Infrastructure & Development | Juneau Energy & Utilities

    I dig into questions about the forces and institutions that shape Juneau, big and small, delightful and outrageous. What stirs you up about how Juneau is built and how the city works?

  • Bridget Dowd
    Local News Reporter
    Education & Youth | Curious Juneau

    I keep tabs on what’s happening in Juneau’s classrooms for the families they serve and the people who work in them. My goal is to shine a light on both stories of success and the cracks that need to be filled, because I believe a good education is the basis of a strong community.

Sen. Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, talks with reporter Andrew Kitchenman in Stevens’ office at the Capitol in Juneau, March 13, 2020. They discussed the legislature’s closure of the Capitol to most members of the public in response to the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Skip Gray/KTOO)

Our Alaska news team

As part of formal collaborations with other public media stations in the state, some of KTOO’s reporters focus on statewide issues in the areas of government & politics and energy & environment.

  • Andrew Kitchenman
    State Government Reporter
    Alaska Government | Alaska Politics | Health care Policy

    State government plays an outsized role in the life of Alaskans. As the state continues to go through the painful process of deciding what its priorities are, I bring Alaskans to the scene of a government in transition.

  • Claire Stremple
    Alaska News Reporter
    Health & Science

    I believe every Alaskan has a right to timely information about their health and health systems, and their natural environment and its management. My goal is to report thoughtful stories that inform, inspire and quench the curiosity of listeners across the state.

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