Since the start, KTOO has been a community-owned membership institution. The volunteer members of the Board of Directors govern the affairs of the Capital Community Broadcasting, the non-profit corporation that holds the FCC  licenses.  Members of the board represent a broad range of interests, backgrounds, professions and viewpoints.

The citizen members of the board represent the membership and the community, and act in a variety of ways to ensure a healthy organization. Board responsibilities include setting budgets, making policy, planning for the future, hiring and supervising the organization’s president and representing KTOO to the public.

The board holds regular meetings 10 times a year (usually once a month, except August and December). Acting only with a quorum of at least six members, the board follows a typical meeting agenda and generally meets on the first Thursday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at KTOO, 360 Egan Drive in downtown Juneau.  The current meeting schedule is posted here.

If you are interested in serving on the KTOO board, our board development committee wants to hear from you.  Applications are accepted at any time.  Just complete the application form and we’ll get back in touch.   To send a message to the board, please use the contact form and select “Board of Directors” from the pull-down menu.

Current members of the board include:

  • George Reifenstein, Chair (term expires 10/2021)
  • Leslie Longenbaugh, Vice Chair (term expires 10/2020)
  • Melanie Lesh, Treasurer (term expires 10/2019)
  • Richard Cole, Secretary (term expires 10/2020)
  • Todd Antioquia (term expires 10/2019
  • Jennifer Canfield (term expires 10/2021)
  • Elizabeth Dunayski (term expires 10/2020)
  • Rick Haida (term expires 10/2020)
  • Debra O’Gara (terms expires 10/2019)
  • Tracey Ricker (term expires 10/2021)
  • George Schaaf (term expires 10/2019)