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KAUK 91.7 is now on the air.

If you listen closely, you’ve probably noticed a new station identification on KTOO: in August, we started testing our newest radio transmitter: KAUK-FM, on the air at 91.7 from our Auke Mt. transmitter site.  KAUK rebroadcasts the programming you hear on KTOO-FM, so now you can listen on either 104.3 from our downtown transmitter or on 91.7 from the Auke Mt. transmitter. 

Last fall, we had a rare opportunity to apply to the FCC for a new noncommercial radio license for Juneau.  This spring the FCC granted us the construction permit in a competitive process, and our team of engineers and technicians installed the equipment and turned on the new KAUK transmitter at 3:15 p.m. on August 18.  We have applied to the FCC for a permanent license to broadcast on 91.7. 

We chose the call letters KAUK to honor the Lingít people of the Áak’w Ḵwáan, and to acknowledge that the new transmitter is on Lingít Aani.

Good news for KRNN and KXLL listeners!

On October 6, 2021, KRNN and KXLL started broadcasting from repeater stations from the Federal Building in downtown Juneau, in addition to the main transmitters on Auke Mt. That means listeners will receive the stations on two places on the radio dial.

• KRNN is on 102.7 (Auke Mt.) and 103.1 (downtown Juneau)
• KXLL is on 100.7 (Auke Mt.) and 101.7 (downtown Juneau)

A note for television viewers in Juneau.

All of KTOO’s TV services, including KTOO 360TV (Formerly 360 North), are available over standard free broadcast TV in downtown Juneau. Our transmitter is in the KTOO building at 360 Egan Drive.

The type of antenna you’ll need will depend on your exact location. If you are nearby or have a direct line of site to the KTOO building, you can get away with less. If you are a bit more tucked away in downtown behind large buildings, then you might need a little bigger.

We broadcast on VHF channel 10, so you’ll want to make sure your antenna supports VHF (most do). If you are in a good spot, one of those low profile flat antennas that you can put in a window or even hang behind your TV can work quite well. If that doesn’t work, then a more traditional larger antenna should work. We don’t recommend “rabbit ears” unless you are near our building.

Sometimes moving an antenna just a couple of feet or changing the way it’s pointing can have a large effect if you are in a border-line area. It is often a case of a little bit of experimenting to see what works best for your specific location. Once you are up and running, when you scan for over-the-air channels with your TV, you could find up to about a dozen channels available in downtown Juneau. KTOO has 7 channels available on our service: PBS, Create, KTOO 360TV, PBS Kids, and our 3 radio channels (KTOO-FM, KRNN-FM, and KXLL-FM). They are all on the same signal, so if you get one, you should get them all.

Here’s a list of channels to help you find us:


  • Downtown Juneau – KTOO on 104.3 from the Federal Building
  • Mendenhall Valley & Auke Bay – KAUK on 91.7 from Auke Mt.
  • Hoonah – 91.9
  • Gustavus – 88.1
  • Excursion Inlet – 89.9
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 871


  • Juneau – 102.7
  • Downtown Juneau & Douglas – 103.1
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 872


  • Juneau – 100.7
  • Downtown Juneau & Douglas – 101.7
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 873

KTOO-TV Digital Channels – Over the air and on GCI Cable in Juneau

  • PBS/Alaska Public Media:  Channel 3.1 (channel 10 on GCI Cable and Yukon TV)
  • Create:  Channel 3.2 (channel 94 on GCI Cable and channel 15 on Yukon TV)
  • KTOO 360TV:
  • PBS Kids: Channel 3.4 (Channel 97 on GCI Cable)
  • KTOO-FM: Channel 3.5 (Channel 871 on GCI Cable)
  • KRNN-FM: Channel 3.6 (Channel 872 on GCI Cable)
  • KXLL-FM: Channel 3.7 (Channel 873 on GCI Cable)

Public Radio in Southeast Alaska

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