Broadcast TowerBroadcasting in Southeast Alaska presents some unusual challenges. That’s why you’ll find us in several spots on your radio and TV dial, as well as on local cable systems, Dish Network and DirecTV.

Here’s an important message for KRNN and KXLL listeners: As part of our “Bringing You better Sound” project, we have moved KRNN’s and KXLL’s main transmitters to a new mountain top location north of Auke Bay. The new high elevation site will improve and expand the reach of our signals, but some listeners with portable or table radio may need to adjust the antenna or move the radio for better reception. KRNN is still on 102.7 and KXLL is still on 100.7. You can help us test the coverage by sending us your reception reports. Just drop a note to, tell us your location and if the signal is loud and clear or if you have reception problems. We will work to fine tune the new transmitters over the next few months. You can also listen to KRNN and KXLL online from, or you can tell your smart speaker to “Play KRNN” or “Play KXLL.” This change doesn’t affect KTOO-FM at all. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our “Bringing You better Sound” campaign for making this improvement possible. And thanks for listening!

Here’s a list to help you find us:

  • Downtown Juneau – 104.3
  • Lemon/Switzer Creek – 101.7
  • Mendenhall Valley – 103.1
  • Hoonah – 91.9
  • Gustavus – 88.1
  • Excursion Inlet – 89.9
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 871
  • Juneau – 102.7
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 872
KXLL Excellent Radio
  • Juneau – 100.7
  • GCI Cable Juneau (stereo) – Channel 873
KTOO-TV Digital Channels   (Juneau)
  • Alaska Public Television:  Channel 3.1 (channel 10 or 657 in HD on GCI Cable)
  • Create:  Channel 3.2 (channel 94 on GCI Cable)
  • 360 North: Channel 3.3 (Channel 18 on GCI Cable)
KTOO-TV Analog Channels   (Throughout Southeast Alaska)
  • Angoon – Channel 9
  • Sitka – Channel 10
  • Petersburg – Channel 9
  • Wrangell – Channel 9
  • Kake – Channel 12
Public Radio in Southeast Alaska: