A view of Bethel in wintertime.

Can Bethel afford the costs of climate change?

by Krysti Shallenberger, Alaska's Energy Desk
- The costs from dealing with climate change are starting to become more visible in Bethel, a hub town for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. There are also costs to the region’s lifestyle.

In Anchorage, emotionally preparing students for the scary prospect of climate change

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"One of the reasons why I suspect other teachers might not want to jump into this, besides it being a political hot topic, is it’s heavy and it’s a real downer," says science educator Bryan Smith.
Gov. Mike Dunleavy leaves the House chambers in Juneau after delivering the annual State of the State address to the Alaska Legislature on Jan. 22, 2019.

Where Dunleavy wants to spend more cash: tourism, courts, pensions, oil tax credits

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Gov. Michael Dunleavy was elected on a pledge to cut the state budget. But his proposal still finds room for budget boosts for a handful of items, from state courts to oil tax credits to a Denali State Park visitors…

With winter snow trails, North Slope Borough hopes to offer residents a safe path over tundra

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"Near-deaths and freezing, running out of gas are some of the issues surrounding being able to go between communities," said Gordon Brower, director of the North Slope Borough's Planning and Community Services Department.

In Sitka, a teacher wants her classroom to know who’s responsible for climate change

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Some school districts don’t elaborate on the causes of climate change, while others make it clear: Humans are largely to blame. This week, we’re going inside two Alaska classrooms to learn how teachers and students are navigating these difficult conversations.

Legislative Finance gets ready to release its version of Dunleavy’s new budget

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Typically, the governor is required to release a budget by mid-December, and the Legislative Finance Division has about a month to get through it before lawmakers come into session. But that didn’t happen this year.