Inside Out

The prison system can be a revolving door for people trapped in a cycle of incarceration. This documentary follows three inmates in Juneau, Alaska, from the moment they walk out the prison gates.

They all face obstacles – getting a job, finding housing and fighting addiction — and share their first-hand experiences and insights. While reentry is a struggle for everyone, why are some able to leave prison behind forever? What role do family, friends, and the community have? What makes the difference?


Executive Producer: Tim Olson
Producer, Camera: Scott Burton
Director, Camera, Editor: David Purdy
Associate Producer: Elasonga Milligrock
Camera: Rashah McChesney
Narrator: Elizabeth Jenkins

Special Thanks

Alaska Department of Corrections
Bob Cordle
Brandi Vrabec
Brett Wilson
Christina Love
Dani Cashen
Daryl Webster
Don Morgan
Gastineau Human Services
Jeremy Finlayson
Julee Douglas
Kara Nelson
Kelli Burkinshaw
Kris Weixelman
Lillian Ward
Logan T. Henkins
Mariya Lovishchuk
Mia Berzanske
Michele Federico
Mike Pellarin
Misty Blades
Paul McCarthy
Special Thanks
Susan Phipps
Victor Powell
Yvonne Bennett

A production of 360 North
© 2017 Capital Community Broadcasting, Inc.
Funding for Inside Out was provided by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

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