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Bob King: Sailboats in the Bristol Bay fishery

May 2022

Historian Bob King discusses the use of sailboats in the Bristol Bay salmon fishery until 1951. It was one of the last sailboat fisheries in the United States despite its status as a major fishery. King has a background in journalism and extensive knowledge of Alaska fisheries issues and is a project historian on the…

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Mug Up with Katie Ringsmuth

April 2022

State Historian and Mug Up curator Katie Ringsmuth discusses the history of the Alaska Packers Association’s (Diamond NN) Cannery, located on the Naknek River in Bristol Bay, and the stories featured in the Mug Up exhibit at the Alaska State Museum.

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Atomic Island with Ben Huff

January 2022

Photographer Ben Huff discusses his travels to Adak and his process of making photographs for his solo artist exhibition, Atomic Island. The exhibit uses his own large-format color photographs, mixed with archival images from the Alaska State Library to show the psat and present of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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The Spirit Wraps Around You Closing Event

October 2021

The Spirit Wraps Around You: Northern Northwest Coast Native Textiles brought together two dozen Chilkat and Ravenstail woven robes for the first time. To celebrate the robes, their histories, and their weavers at the end of the exhibit, members of a Southeast dance group donned a selection of the robes and danced them into the…

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Weaving with Sea Otter Fur – Kathy Rado

September 2021

Kathy Rado, adopted Haida Double-fin Killerwhale wove this sea otter fur raven’s tail robe for her husband, Pedro Rado (Eagle, Killerwhale from Klukwan). Rado has been weaving in the raven’s tail style for over 30 years. Raven’s tail is a very old hand-weaving technique featuring geometric patterns that predates the more familiar Chilkat robes. The…

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The Spirit Wraps Around You Welcome

The Spirit Wraps Around You exhibit at the Alaska State Museum looks at the history of Northwest Coast weaving and features 24 Chilkat and Ravenstail robes. Artists, dancers, and the community welcome these robes to the Museum.

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The Salmon Way

March 2020

Author and photographer Amy Gulick discusses her book “The Salmon Way” – An inspiring look into the lives of Alaskans and salmon and how they intertwine.

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