In Trust For Us: The Story of the Alaska Permanent Fund

“When Alaskans created the permanent fund, it was a grand experiment. Other oil provinces had tried to preserve some of their wealth for future generations — few, if any, had succeeded.” This documentary from 2004 examines the Alaska permanent fund and its history.

Special Arts Programs

Lineage: Tlingit Art Across Generations

360 North and KTOO Public Media are proud to announce the release of “Lineage: Tlingit Art Across Generations.” Produced in Juneau, Alaska in collaboration with Tlingit poet and storyteller Khaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope as co-director, the one-hour documentary takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of Tlingit artists. As Khaagwáask’ writes, “the film spends…

Inside Out

The prison system can be a revolving door for people trapped in a cycle of incarceration. This documentary follows three inmates in Juneau, Alaska, from the moment they walk out the prison gates. They all face obstacles – getting a job, finding housing and fighting addiction — and share their first-hand experiences and insights. While…

The Flying University

Inmates study literature and philosophy in a prison in Juneau, Alaska. This documentary offers a rare look at the classes inside the prison and the impact on students who participate in the program, which is called “The Flying University”. The program traces its roots to underground philosophy courses in the Soviet Union – the original…

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