Juneau is a town of 32,000 people, playing host to over a million cruise ship passengers every year.

Cruise Town is a podcast from KTOO that explores how Juneau became a cruise town, what it’s like to live in a cruise town and what the city’s future holds in light of the industry’s explosive growth.

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The tunes of Cruise Town

Cruise Town is on a break until January. To tide you over, producer Rashah McChesney presents this all-inclusive excursion through the music of Cruise Town.

Cruise Town, Ep. 4: The Weight of the World

Cruise Town’s cultural interpreters have the difficult task of explaining their history, their culture, their art — their existence — to someone who just got off a cruise ship.

Cruise Town, Ep. 5: We Almost Lost Yanni

No discussion of cruise ships would be complete without talking about maritime disasters. Especially maritime disasters involving international superstar musicians.