Career openings at KTOO Public Media

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About KTOO Public Media

Those of us who work here think KTOO Public Media is a great place to work.  Our diverse team of talented professionals comes from all walks of life.  We’re proud of our home-grown talent, people who have come up through the ranks of other public media stations in Alaska, or through our internship program.  And our team includes some of the brightest public media people in the country who have chosen to come to Juneau to practice their craft.

At KTOO Public Media you’ll work alongside some of the smartest and most creative journalists, producers, content creators, techies and an amazing support team.  Many of our alumni have gone on to terrific public media jobs at NPR and at stations all over the country.  (Think Peter Kenyon at NPR, Elizabeth Arnold,  John Ryan at KUOW, Rebecca Sheir at Slate, Knight fellow Heather Bryant, and Bruce Theriault, ex-CPB VP.)

We embrace and celebrate the values of diversity, creativity, independence and responsibility.  We work hard, but value a healthy work-life balance.  Our employees tell us that they are proud to say they work at KTOO, and are inspired by our mission.

We’re open to flexible working arrangements, we let people set their own schedules as much as possible, and we try to provide everyone with a little time to learn new skills and pursue their dream projects.  We encourage our staff to be involved in the civic, arts and cultural life of Juneau.  We work in a casual office environment, and yes, well-behaved dogs are welcomed at KTOO.

As a non-profit, we strive to pay competitive salaries and offer generous benefits, including employee and dependent health care coverage, holidays and personal leave days, medical and vacation leave and a 403 B retirement plan.

About Juneau

We’re in Juneau, a small but cosmopolitan capital city of 32,600 people with some of the highest per capita education and income levels in state. Located in the heart of the Southeast Alaska panhandle, Juneau is a transportation, retail and service hub with great schools, medical facilities and recreational opportunities.  Juneau is artsy and outdoorsy and is Alaska’s top visitor destination, and the views are incredible – we live in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, the Earth’s largest remaining temperate rainforest.

You should know that you can only get here by sea and by air – Juneau is unique because we’re not connected to the North American road system.  We’re two hours by air or three days by sea from Seattle.  Juneau’s climate is more like the Pacific Northwest than Interior Alaska.  The weather is wet, and it is mild here by Alaska standards: Summer highs are in the 60s with abundant daylight,  and we have long but mild winters with lows in the 20s to the mid 30s.

If you’re not sold yet, check out what else Juneau has to offer at  To get an idea of what it looks like here, take a look at this short video from our friends at Travel Juneau.

To get an idea of what it looks like here, take a look at this short video from our friends at Travel Juneau.

KTOO is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to diversity in hiring. Read our Diversity Policy here.