• District 1 Assembly

    • Troy Wuyts-Smith

      Candidate for District 1 Assembly

      There’s a lot of issues that I care about here deeply in Juneau. Mainly, I believe that mental health correlates with all the issues that I care about most, which is the opioid crisis, suicide and homelessness. And I think that if we tackle those three issues there and link them to mental health and recognize it as a public health crisis, we can dwindle down on some of the issues that we have and help revive the economy. And I think that’s key.

    • Barbara 'Wáahlaal Gíidaak Blake

      Candidate for District 1 Assembly

      I’ve been asked a few times. And with Loren (Jones) stepping down, just felt like was the right time. There’s definitely a lack of diversity on the board. And I’d like to remedy that with a worldview of perspective as a mother, as an Alaskan Native woman and also someone who has experience with federal, state and tribal government to help bridge some of the gaps that are missing in our current makeup.

    • Paul Kelly

      Candidate for District 1 Assembly

      I’m running for office for the same reason I ran back when I ran for the school board in 2018. And that’s to give back. As a third generation Alaskan, I grew up with many opportunities, and I want to make sure that the next generation of Alaskans also have these same opportunities.

  • District 2 Assembly

    • Kelly Fishler

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      I’m a U.S. Navy and Alaska Air National Guard veteran. I’m married to an active duty Coast Guard member. My husband and I have two small kids that are five and almost two. I’m a longtime Alaskan. I’ve lived in Anchorage, Valdez and Barrow, in addition to living in Juneau, and I am running because I love my city. I’ve served my country. I want to serve my city. And I want to be a part of finding solutions to the problems that we’re facing today.

    • Michelle Bonnet Hale

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      I’ve learned a lot in my first three years on the assembly. I’ve learned how to be effective within the context of the assembly and the committee structure. I think I’ve done a lot of good for Juneau. And I love Juneau and know, Juneau, and I actually want to apply the skills I’ve learned one more term.

  • Mayor

    • Beth Weldon

      Candidate for Mayor

      The reason I’m running for mayor is, like a lot of people as an incumbent, there’s just jobs left to do. We were going down a great path with childcare and visitor industry task force and trying to figure out solutions for homelessness and public safety. And then COVID hit us. I want to be mayor to finish up getting us back on track from COVID and also to start getting to the projects that we had put aside.

  • School Board

    • Kyle Scholl*

      Candidate for School Board

      I’m running for office because my son is now starting into the school district, and I just want to make sure that he’s getting all the education that he deserves, and even all the other kids who are going as well. You know, with COVID, it has been a struggle for everybody. And I kind of don’t like the way it’s going for my personal reasons. That’s why I’m running.

    • Thom Buzard

      Candidate for School Board

      I’m running for office because I have an opportunity to give back to the wonderful community of Juneau. I see some areas in our school system that I would like to see changed and expanded. I see other areas in the school system that are just running great, really. I wouldn’t want to mess with those. And really, it’s about service. I think we need to bring more industrial art-type things to our high school and our junior high as well. 

    • Will Muldoon*

      Candidate for School Board

      I initially did not have any intentions of running. I had about 25 folks reach out, which felt like critical mass to me, and the number one thing that I had heard from folks regarding their concerns was a lot of the candidates’ stances on the COVID-19 mask mitigation policies that the district has enacted. People were just very nervous about that. I agreed with them that masks work. I think the mitigation policies are sound. I think they’re science-based, and I don’t want to see that change.

    • Ibn Bailey

      Candidate for School Board

      Because I have the experience, knowledge and expertise that I believe can be an asset to the board. I bring a political-free voice and opinion, I can work well with the board and help to move forward this strategic plan laid out by the board, which include equity, achievement, partnership and relationships.

    • Aaron Spratt

      Candidate for School Board

      I want to serve Juneau in this critical role. I don’t believe that our current mandates regarding COVID-19, especially the forced masking of our children as young as five are appropriate for the situation that we’re in. I believe I have the judgment skills to do well, to make the best decisions for our children and our students, regardless of the issue.

    • Elizabeth Siddon

      Candidate for School Board

      I’m running for a second term on the school board because I’m passionate about public education and I think that with education come opportunities for our students. I bring a strong background in STEM, so science, technology, engineering and math and I’m very involved in outreach education with our schools. I also bring a depth of knowledge around special education and early childhood advocacy. My husband and I have one son and he is a second grader at Harborview Elementary School.

    • Amber Frommherz

      Candidate for School Board

      The reason why I’m running for school board is because I’m passionate about education. Much of my adult journey has been rooted in obtaining education or serving in education realms. I have a new job, children who are older and there are three seats available. So I think timing is everything. And for me, this is the right time to serve my community and give back.