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  • Family

    My spouse is an active duty Coast Guard member. That’s how we came to Juneau was through his orders. And I have three daughters. One is Kira, 19, Nanibaa’, 13, and Shandiin is 11. We have a dog. Her name is Boston. Golden doodle.

  • Politically, how do you identify?


  • How do you earn a living?

    I’m the Director of Tribal Services and Outreach for Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority.

  • What are some topics you’re an expert on?

    I’d say early childhood education as it relates to Head Start. I’m also aware of military active duty dependents and education. I’m also very in tuned with culturally relevant ways of knowing; my master’s degree is in educational studies grounded  in learning the different kinds of pedagogies. I’m also witness to I guess you would say, the benefits of vocational education.