• Age


  • Family

    I’m a 25 year resident of Juneau. I don’t have any wife or kids, but my parents live here, my siblings live here, and their children live here.

  • Politically, how do you identify?

    I’ve been registered as an undeclared [voter] my entire life.

  • How do you earn a living?

    I work for the State of Alaska as a data processor and a mainframe operator.

  • What are some topics you’re an expert on?

    I’m extremely knowledgeable on both city and state law, statutes and policies. I keep current on a lot of that. Alaska data and Juneau data is a hobby of mine. It’s a passion of mine. Also, it’s a weird one, but I think that good governance is a big hobby and passion of mine that I’m starting to be pretty good at. You know, I’ve been at this for the majority of my adult life, and I want to keep at it as long as I can and as long as the community will allow me to.