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Throw, fire, etch, repeat: Mercedes Muñoz ceramics show features 140 pieces

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Her pottery features a technique called Mishima that allows her to etch fine dark lines onto the surface of her porcelain pieces, marrying her background in drawing and illustration with organic three-dimensional forms.

Jacob Higgins with "Fly"

New art show plays abundance, attraction and aversion against each other

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Whether people like his work or not, Jacob Higgins is proud of it. “You cannot create something new without having it sort of rub people the wrong way,” he said.

space weird thing

Major Tom, meet Top Space Man

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While David Bowie remembrances poured in, a group of folks from Juneau and Seattle had already made a fan tribute in May reimagining one of the late singer’s top singles.

A screen shot of the new video from southeast Alaskan electronic band Whiskey Class. (Courtesy of the artist.)

Southeast electronic duo Whiskey Class premieres new music video

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There really isn’t any electronic music at the Alaska Folk Festival, but now there’s a little Folk Fest in a Southeast duo’s electronic music.