Broken Trust: How whistle-blowers & victims in AK Nat. Guard went unheard

Rumors of trouble in the Alaska National Guard have existed for years. We’ve compiled numerous news stories and documents to create a timeline of events which will be updated as media continue to report on this issue.

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Eyak to pay $2.5M fine to settle fraud case

The company's director of contracts, Harold Babb, accepted kickbacks from contractors from 2007 to 2011 and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.…

State hires project lead for Medicaid expansion

The job is “Medicaid expansion project director” and it’s being filled by Chris Ashenbrenner, who spent two decades working for the department and…

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Google News Is Taken Offline In Spain, After A Call For Payments

In Spain, Google and other news aggregators would face steep fines if they publish headlines and abstracts without paying.…

From Judges To Inmates, Finding The Human Casualties Of Mandatory Sentencing

Amid the backdrop of debate inside Washington and across the country, an NPR series will focus on the human toll of the tough mandatory minimum prison terms for…

Amid Threats By Hackers, Sony Allows Theaters To Drop ‘The Interview’

Sony is withdrawing James Franco and Seth Rogen from upcoming promotional appearances for The Interview and will let theaters to cancel showings of the film, following threats of…

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On Nebraska’s Farmland, Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Is Personal

On Nebraska’s Farmland, Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Is Personal

The pipeline's fate looms large in Washington. But for people living in Keystone XL's proposed path, the project will alter livelihoods and legacies — for…

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Juneau Afternoon – 12-18-14

Thursday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Shona Osterhout hosts.

We’ll learn about the Juneau Douglas High…

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Alan Freed on Crosscurrents, 12/15

Alan Freed on Crosscurrents, 12/15

“Rock And Roll” was accepted into music vocabulary in part from the work of a Cleveland…

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Worl skates into the Burke Museum

Worl skates into the Burke Museum

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle recently opened an exhibit called “Here…

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Holiday Specials

Holiday Specials

KTOO, KRNN and 360 North will have special programs to celebrate the holidays. …