• Age


  • Family

    My husband, Chris, and I have lived in Juneau for nearly 20 years and we have one son who attends Harborview Elementary School.

  • Politically, how do you identify?

    As a federal employee (NOAA Fisheries, Department of Commerce), the Office of General Counsel outlines permissible political activities and states: “You may run for office in a nonpartisan election, such as a school board election in which candidates are not identified by party affiliation.”

    I reached out to NOAA Fisheries’ Director of Operations, Management, and Information Services to see if/how I could respond to this question and their advice was this question might “give the appearance of venturing into partisan politics, which our ethics rules do not allow.”

  • How do you earn a living?

    I work as a Fisheries Biologist for NOAA Fisheries at the Auke Bay Labs.

  • What are some topics you’re an expert on?

    My area of expertise is in linking climate change impacts to fisheries in Alaskan waters, especially in the Bering Sea. Climate change impacts include changes in the amount of sea ice, water temperatures, and food availability.