• Age


  • Family

    I’m married to Jim Hale. I have five stepkids. I have family in Juneau–my brother, my mom actually lives next door, my aunt lives here, many cousins. My stepkids are all grown.

  • Politically, how do you identify?

    I am a registered Democrat. I am socially progressive, but my progressive friends think I’m too conservative often. My conservative friends think I’m too progressive often. So I’m a moderate.

  • How do you earn a living?

    I have a business that I’ve just purchased, a framing business. So I frame pictures. I also have a small art business. So those are the two primary ways. I make a very small stipend for working for the assembly, which doesn’t quite cut earning a living.

  • What are some topics you’re an expert on?

    I’m an expert on water quality. I’m also pretty darn good at software development. I am an expert on living in Southeast Alaska because I’ve lived almost my entire life here. And I’m also really well-versed in public process, the governmental public process.