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Listen: Hoonah’s Heritage Celebration Ḵu.éex’ highlights the importance of traditional knowledge in education

The KTOO Arts and Culture team is in Hoonah this week to be a part of its All School Ḵu.éex’ and to produce two episodes of Juneau Afternoon, which we are calling Hoonah Afternoon.
Program host Scott Burton sat down with Ḵu.éex’ organizer, Tlingit language teacher, and mom, Lgéikʼi Heather Powell.

Juneau Afternoon 8/22/14

Friday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts. Anne Fuller will talk with Katherine Rue about her novels for young readers – she’s having a booksigning on Sunday, the 24th of August at Hearthside Books; Rob Roys will be here to talk about his work being selected as Best of Show by he Alaska…

Juneau Afternoon 8/21/14

Thursday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Shona Strauser hosts. Ruth Johnson will be here to highlight this weekend’s Beat The Odds Race We’ll talk with Dixie Belcher and Elaine Schroeder about the upcoming visit by an 81-year old Thai activist; Charles Rohrbacher will be here to talk about his show, Icons for Iraq; We’ll…

Juneau Afternoon 12/13/13

Friday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts. We’ll get a preview of tonight’s (Friday’s) Alaskapella performance from the group’s musical director, Kristina Paulick; Pam Nelson and Meredith Fritsch will introduce the two Juneau Skating Club figure skaters – Katherine and Meredith Fritsch – who will represent Juneau in the Arctic Winter Games…

Juneau Afternoon 7/8/13

It is the fundamental issue of our time: Energy; where we get it; how we use it; what happens then. It powers our homes and our economy; it creates troubled alliances and disturbing divisions; it empowers and impoverishes; it enables almost all that we do and now threatens all that we have become. BURN: An…

Juneau Afternoon 6/26/13

Wednesday at 3 on KTOO-FM, Laury Scandling hosts. We’ll talk with Angela Chapin about the Alaska Military Youth Academy; Dave Crabtree will fill us in on the latest CBJ Water Quality Report; Phoebe Rohrbacher will be here to highlight Thursday’s National HIV Testing Day; And we’ll dig into local history as we talk with Renee…

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