• Mayor

    • Cody W. Shoemaker

      Candidate for Mayor

      I’m running because I feel there are a lot of other people that think the same way as me; feeling like a little more disenfranchised, like so much that their vote doesn’t count. I’m mainly doing this because I don’t like feeling stuck like that and I know other folks don’t like feeling stuck like that. I think that Juneau is a unique place to live and we should engage and there shouldn’t be anybody feeling like they’re not a part of the conversation here. I think everybody deserves to have a voice here.

    • Norton Gregory

      Candidate for Mayor

      In 2016, I was elected to the Assembly as an areawide Assembly candidate and I found the process at city hall to be very fair and very transparent and that the main reason that, you know, I was interested in politics is that it gives you an equal voice on the Assembly where your vote matters just as much as the person sitting next to you and that it takes everybody in our community to get involved in order to make this place work. You have to step up, and I think that by getting involved as a community member it makes our community a better place to live. We have some serious challenges in our community, everything from high cost of housing to high cost of health care, high cost of food. I would like to work with our community to solve those issues and really to make Juneau the best capital city that it can be.

    • Saralyn Tabachnick

      Candidate for Mayor

      I’m running for mayor because I love this community and I love the people, the place and I’m dedicated to being here. I’ve been here for 31 years and during that time I worked at AWARE for 31 years. I want to bring my leadership, my skills, my experience to the CBJ in a way that engages our citizens and brings people together as a community, much like I’ve done at AWARE. I want to bring that and broaden my successes at AWARE and what I’ve learned there to this community. I believe I can make a difference and I’m eager to make a difference.

    • Beth Weldon

      Candidate for Mayor

      I believe that I have the experience that is needed for the mayoral job. Looking at the other candidates, I know my past history and I have both public and private sector experience; I had my own fishing boat, I worked for the fire department for 20 years, I have worked for the state and then now own my own business. So I think that gives me a different perspective than the other candidates. Also, I’m very involved in the community, been involved in several boards around town. Looking at my time, because I’m a business owner and can flex my time, and just coming off a year of being on the Assembly and Rotary president, I realized I had the time, I have the energy and I certainly have the passion to be a mayor.

  • Areawide Assembly

  • District 2 Assembly

    • Garrett Schoenberger

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      To make a difference, and to help build for Juneau’s future. I feel like I have a unique skill set and can add value to the Assembly.

    • Don Habeger

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      There wasn’t one particular reason, there was a kind of a confluence of reasons. … Been a resident, my wife and I moved here 39 years ago, and have been a resident ever since. Want to see our community prosper.

      The other part was, (I) had the opportunity to serve on the mayor’s public safety task force, and certainly public safety is a concern of our community. … Making sure that individuals coming out of incarceration have the resources that they need.

      And then … we’ve certainly heard a lot about recessionary times in Alaska; unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. … And I’d like to see the community grow once again, increase jobs; particularly (I) would like to focus on the 2015 economic development study that McDowell (Group) and Sheinberg (Associates) did for the CBJ, and moving some of those initiatives forward.

    • Emil Mackey

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      I’m simply running because I’ve spent some time on the school board, and in that time I’ve learned kind of a broader picture of things, not just on the school board, but also in city government. And I believe that really we could be doing some different priorities, such as Best Starts, which is early childhood, and also get our hands around some of this deferred maintenance. Deferred maintenance and Best Starts is basically my biggest two priorities.

      Currently the city has a CIP project to take care of deferred maintenance though, and it is – well, you can just look around town to see that it’s not really keeping up with demand. Riverbend has sandbags holding down a tarp on a roof. You can drive down Industrial Boulevard, and you’re not going to be pleased with the way it shakes your car. And we’ve got a lot of that around town, and I’m afraid that we really need to address that while we can.

    • Michelle Bonnet Hale

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      I’m a lifelong Alaskan and lived most of my life in Juneau. And I’ve long wanted to serve at the local level, either work for the city or serve on the Assembly, something like that. I’ve had some pretty demanding jobs, and I just couldn’t reconcile the really demanding job, like a director position with the state, with trying to serve on the Assembly.

      So I can do that now, I’ve got the time and the availability now, I don’t have those other demands, and I want to just jump in and see what I can do to help the city.

    • Wade Bryson, pictured on Sept. 5, 2018. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO)

      Wade Bryson

      Candidate for District 2 Assembly

      Well, I really like helping people. And I see that service on the Assembly is a way that I can help the most people possible.

      I’ve been the host of KINY’s Problem Corner for the last 10 years. And I’ve practiced listening to the issues of the community, the problems of the people. And I’ve begun to start helping people through that radio program. Whether it’s reaching out to the right entity or right organization, or simply helping sell something to so that people can make ends meet. And I saw that as great practice for being on the local Assembly.

  • District 1 Assembly

    • Loren Jones

      Candidate for District 1 Assembly

      This is my last term. I have been on the Assembly for six years, and I felt that there were many issues that are still unresolved; there are many issues that are ongoing, they’ll always be there; and that my contribution in the last six years I think has been of value to the community and I would like to continue for my last three.

  • School Board

    • Paul Kelly

      Candidate for School Board

      I’m running so my fiancée’s children, and all of Juneau’s children have every opportunity that we had growing up, and more.

    • Elizabeth (Ebett) Siddon

      Candidate for School Board

      I am running for School Board because I believe I bring a strong background in three specific areas:
      (1) STEM education. I recognize the role that science can play in educating children and especially for children growing up in Juneau. I know the importance of communicating science to a broad audience, and I am familiar with the current landscape of scientific fields;
      (2) Special education. I believe that integration, with appropriate supports, provides benefits to all students in the classroom; and
      (3) Early learning and intervention. I believe in high quality early care and learning. I believe that early interventions lead to improved outcomes for children and that early investments lead to reduced long-term costs for families, the school district, and the community at-large.

    • Kevin Allen

      Candidate for School Board

      I am running to facilitate more communication with students, Alaska Native organizations, and the board. I also want to offer a perspective to the board that would prove helpful, a perspective of involvement in student and native organizations.