What do you think are the most pressing issues facing education in Juneau?

  • School Board

    • Paul Kelly

      Candidate for School Board

      The budget is the most serious issue because it directly influences class sizes, and the availability of programs that can give our students an edge up. Creating opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, talents and abilities is also important.

    • Elizabeth (Ebett) Siddon

      Candidate for School Board

      I think the most pressing issues are: (1) Funding, (2) High quality early learning and kindergarten readiness, (3) Curriculum development, delivery, and evolvement, and (4) College preparedness and workforce readiness.

    • Kevin Allen

      Candidate for School Board

      Testing is a very important issue facing the district. How we define and what we do with the test results are vital because there are some testing we do within the district that hold results that are immersible important for the district to know, but there are other tests we administer to students that give results that make keeping up with growth difficult because the scope is too large. As a former student I remember how much testing I needed to do as a sophomore in high school and sometimes it felt like there was more days spent doing special testing than time spent in the classroom. We have got to review what kind of testing that would be important to keep, and what tests we can phase out to relieve students from over-testing.