• Why are you running?

    I am running for Assembly because I think Juneau has a really great future. I moved here four years ago after finishing school to start my professional life, start my life, and I see myself in Juneau many, many decades to come. So, I’d to contribute to that future. I think I have the public policy background and skills as an economist to do a really good job of that on the Assembly.

  • Child care

    What's the city's role in child care accessibility?

    I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s a child care crisis of both affordability and availability in Juneau. The city should be devoting resources and money to that issue because the investment in young children and quality education will pay dividends in the long run, and help our city in many other ways besides just alleviating this immediate child care crisis.

  • Public safety

    How can the city better address public safety concerns, and how would you pay for it?

    The public safety concerns that are on everybody’s mind I think are part of a two-part problem. There’s the crime problem and I think that fully staffing of our police and fire departments and helping with issues of retention and recruitment is key on that side. On the other hand, there’s the public health epidemic with the opioid crisis and other problems of addiction in Juneau. I think that without addressing those issues, we’re not going to see a significant decrease in the crime problem.

    Paying for it is, I think, one of the top priorities of government services that the city should provide, as safety comes first. So, I think it’s a priority in terms of funding. There are other things that maybe can be moved down the list in order to ensure that we have safe communities.

  • Affordable housing

    Do you have any specific policy ideas for addressing affordable housing in Juneau?

    To address affordable housing, I think we should continue the work that the Assembly has already done on zoning and the selling of city land to provide more room for housing. In addition to that, I think that addressing other economic development needs will help alleviate some of the housing issues that we have if we are spurring other parts of the economy in Juneau.