Friday, May 6, 2022: Ken Waldman returns to Juneau for book signing. Juneau Jazz and Classics Spring Festival. Marty Sharp featured at Juneau Artists Gallery. Juneau Super Plant Sale is back!

Leave it to Ken Waldman to turn a book signing into a jam session. With fiddle in hand, Waldman has returned to Juneau to promote his twentieth book, “Now Entering Alaska Time.”

On  this Friday’s Juneau Afternoon, Waldman talks about the characters in his novel, who drink a lot beer, fall in love and play old time music. Waldman also played a few tunes on the radio.


Also on this program:

  • The Juneau Jazz and Classics Spring Concert series, touted as a musical adventure.
  • Watercolors from Marty Sharp, inspired by Juneau’s natural beauty.
  • The Juneau Super Plant Sale, a gardener’s dream.
Andy Kline hosts Juneau Afternoon on Fridays.

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Part 1: Ken Waldman's 20th book was a long time in the making

Ken Waldman’s novel, Now Entering Alaska Time, is about a journey to Alaska that begins at the end of a break-up (Photo by Rhonda McBride).
Guests: Ken Waldman, writer and fiddler.
Ken Waldman’s new book, Now Entering Alaska Time, actually got its start in 1989, during a Juneau winter. He set it aside and recently returned to it,  a mix of heartbreak, tragedy, comedy and drama.

Ken Waldman talks about his new book, “Now Entering Alaska Time” with host, Andy Kline (Photo by Rhonda McBride).

Part 2: Juneau Jazz and Classics: Spring Festival overview

Guests: Laura Haywood, Board Chair, Juneau Jazz and Classics.

From big bands and blues, to spicy Cuban jazz and a classical string quartet, this spring’s Juneau Jazz and Classics festival features a diverse musical line-up.

Part 3: Marty Sharp's exhibit features Juneau themes

Guests: Marty Sharp, water color painter and Juneau Artist Gallery co-op member

Marty Sharp’s exhibit at the Juneau Artists gallery feature what she is known for — watercolors that capture the scenic vibe of Southeast Alaska. She says her work is inspired by its natural beauty and colorful people.


Although Marty Sharp is a grandmother of twelve, she still finds time to capture the beauty of Southeast Alaska through her art.

Part 4: Juneau Super Plant Sale: Plants galore and more!

Guests: Susan Cox and Patricia Harris, Juneau Garden Club.

After the pandemic sidelined this popular event, Juneau gardeners felt there was something missing from spring. But now they can rejoice. The Juneau Super Plant Sale returns to the Carr’s parking lot this Saturday.

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