Friday, August 5, 2022: Juneau’s High Cadence Tri Team among Ironman Alaska competitors. Linda Buckley’s new poetry book, Made of Rain. Ke Tian  featured at Juneau Artists Gallery. UAS Enrollment Day.


Corrie Weikle and Jamie Bursell break into smiles as they run to the finish line for the final leg of the Aukeman Triathlon. Weikle was first in women’s 30-34 and Bursell was first in women’s 60-64. Bursell has competed in 18 Ironman events (Photo by Bob Eastaugh).


After sliding out and crashing his bike on wet pavement at the Mendenhall Glacier turnaround, Justin Dorn recovered and won the men’s overall in the Aukeman Triathlon, and even had the fastest bike leg of the day. Here he runs from the finish of the swim leg to the transition to the bike leg. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh).

As Ironman Alaska competitors from all over the country converge on Juneau, they’ll find local athletes ready to put their hometown advantage to the test.

Members of the High Cadence Tri Team, lead by Jamie Bursell, will be on this Friday’s Juneau Afternoon.  From special diets to training regimes t0 juggling day jobs, they’ll talk about how they’ve prepared for Sunday’s triathlon, billed by race organizers as an epic swim-bike-run adventure.

Eliza Dorn adjusts her bike helmet as she prepares to transition from the swim to the bike leg of the Aukeman Triathlon August 31. She was the overall women’s winner and also had the fourth best time regardless of gender (Photo by Bob Eastaugh).

Also on this show:

  • Readings from Made of Rain, Linda Buckley new collection of poems.
  • August’s featured artist at the Juneau Artists Gallery
  • UAS Enrollment Day
Bostin Christopher is a guest host for Juneau Afternoon.

Bostin Christopher hosts this Friday’s program. You can catch Juneau Afternoon, Tuesday through Friday, live at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juneau 104.3.  The rebroadcast airs at 7:00 p.m. on KTOO. You can also listen online at

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Part 1: Ironman athletes: Preparing for Sunday's triathlon.

Members of the High Cadence Tri Team catch an early morning swim last week.
Guests: Jamie Bursell, coach for High Cadence Tri Team with team members: Melanie White, Alec Nevalainen, and Charlie Waters.
Juneau’s first ever Ironman Triathlon is coming up this Sunday.  Hear how athletes are preparing, and what you can expect this Sunday.  Spoiler:  Coach Jamie says you just might be inspired to train for one yourself!


Water sprays from Alec Nevalainen’s tires as he completes the bike leg of the Aukeman Triathlon July 31 before transitioning to the run. He was sixth overall and second in men’s 45-49 (Photo by Bob Eastaugh).

Part 2: Made of Rain, new poems from Linda Buckley.

Guests: Linda Buckley, writer.
Author Linda Buckley enjoying the sun on her deck (Photo courtesy of Linda Buckley),

Author and musician Linda Buckley is best known for her children’s books, “The Bear in the Blueberry” and the “Humpback in the Herring,” but she has just released a collection of poems written over the years reflecting on the natural world.

Part 3: Artist Keke Tian Ke - this month's Juneau Artist Gallery Featured Artist

Guests: Keke Tian Ke, artist
Juneau Artists Gallery’s newest artist shares about living in Juneau, her artistic inspiration, and her upcoming opening.

Part 4: UAS Enrollment Day is Coming Up!

Guests: Brittni Wisner, UAS Admissions Counselor
College enrollment can be quite a maze to navigate, but Brittni Wisner shares how to make the process as simple as possible at UAS’s Enrollment Day this Tuesday August 9, 2022.

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