ADF&G: Resist the urge to rescue baby wildlife.

Guests: Abby McAllister, wildlife educator, Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Abby McAllister, a wildlife educator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, says sows often use trees as a babysitter for their cubs, while they go out looking for food (Photo courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game).

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game gets a lot of calls in the summer from people who come across wild baby animals that appear to be orphaned. Abby McAllister, a wildlife educator, is often one of the staffers on the other end of the phone. She urges callers to resist the urge to rescue animals, because they may do more harm than good if they come in contact with them. In most cases, she says, the mother is likely nearby — that it’s not uncommon for the mothers of deer, bears and birds to leave their offspring alone, so they can go out and forage for food.

Air date: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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