The source of the Sonus album sound.

Guests: Sean Patrick, singer-songwriter and guitarist. Justin Smith, recording engineer, Rusty Recordings.
Justin Smith’s studio, Rusty Recordings, is in Gustavus. While recording Sonus, he utilized as much analog equipment as possible to give the album its throwback, rock-and-roll sound, achieved with old amps with tubes and no synthesized music (Photo courtesy of Justin Smith).

Sean Patrick hasn’t been able to devote himself to his music full time. He runs a construction company in Gustavus, a remote community in Southeast Alaska that’s home to less than 700 people. And there aren’t the outlets in Gustavus to perform, not like musicians have in larger communities, except for a weekly Friday night jam with some friends. But when it came to recording his new album, Sonus, Patrick and his album producer, Justin Smith, didn’t let living in Gustavus limit them. Together, they produced nine original songs. Musicians from Juneau to Spain and France were recruited to record some of the tracks. And Smith’s passion for analog recording equipment kept it real, and the result was music that Patrick calls a “big sound from a small town.”

Air date: Friday, April 22, 2022

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