Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Amy Lou and Josh Lockhart

This concert features Soldotna’s Amy Lou and Juneau’s Josh Lockhart. Amy Lou kicks off the hour with songs inspired by teaching, collaborative art and courtship. Featuring guitar, bass (Jeff Boman), drums (Dave Hurley) and cello (Meghan Johnson), Josh Lockhart’s quartet entertains us with songs about love, commitment and solace in Central Park.

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Sarah Hanson and Tony Tengs

This episode features two concerts: Nome’s Sarah Hanson and Juneau’s Tony Tengs. Singer songwriters Sarah Hanson and Tony Tengs bring us their unique perspectives on things Alaskan and otherwise. Nome resident Sarah Hanson sings to bears, her lover, and about a nasty storm that shakes her home. Juneau’s Tony Tengs postulates on peace, skunk cabbage,…

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Rob Cohen Jazz Group

The Rob Cohen Jazz Group takes the stage with a performance they’re calling “Contrafaction”. Rob is a teacher and composer, with a deep knowledge of Jazz and close to 30 years of experience performing in Alaska. Rob Cohen – Composer, Piano Alexie Painter – Bass Clay Good – Drums Doug Bridges – Sax Recorded…

Arts@360, Writers' Showcase


In this episode of Writers’ Showcase hear short stories and essays from Alaskan writers Joe Karson, Martha Amore, Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs, and James P. Sweeney. The summer-inspired theme is “endurance” and works are read by actors Ryan Conarro, Donnie Gott, Allison Holtkamp, and Roblin Gray Davis.

Juneau World Affairs Council

Spreading the Venezuelan Music Program El Sistema Worldwide

Tony Woodcock is President of the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) in Boston. The NEC just graduated its fifth class of Sistema Fellows. These Fellows are educated in Venezuela’s El Sistema music principles, which Tony will explain in his talk. The Fellows are creating and leading musical education centers for children throughout the United…

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Todd Grebe and Cold Country

Todd Grebe and Cold Country is a band with deep roots in Alaska that plays original roots music of the honkytonk flavor. Hear their version of Americana infused with bluegrass fiddle and mandolin, three-part harmonies and dance-friendly waltzes.

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Kray Van Kirk

Kray Van Kirk is an Alaskan singer-songwriter, delivering performances that the Borderline Folk Club in New York called “…what every singer-songwriter should aspire to.” Expertly performed on both a six and a twelve string guitar, his songs tell rich stories with many timeless and universal themes.

A Roof

Crazy – A Film by Lisle Hebert

“This film’s title is CRAZY, not because it deals with mental illness but because the way we deal with mental illness and homelessness is crazy.”

Arts@360, The Artist

David Woodie

David Woodie has worked as a logger, a fisherman, and a teacher and uses the unique perspectives he gained in those fields in his paintings. Woodie refers to himself as a narrative painter and says that his paintings suggest stories. Scott Burton hosts. Music in studio video by: Kevin MacLeod “I Knew a Guy”

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Harrison B.

Harrison B joined us March 27, 2104 in “@360” for a special in-studio concert featuring his original progressive American soul tunes. To hear more of, and purchase, his music, go to:

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