Ravenna Koenig, Alaska's Energy Desk

Village of Igiugig one step closer to replacing diesel electricity with hydrokinetic system

“One year from now, we’ll know whether the community would like to own this device,” says IVC President AlexAnna Salmon. “If it really is going to prove itself to be an effective option for providing power.”

To get a count on bowhead whales, North Slope scientists head out onto the sea ice

“They’re just so graceful and beautiful. Every time I see a whale I get excited,” says biologist Craig George. “I’ve seen thousands and thousands. It’s always like seeing a bowhead for the first time.”

In Utqiaġvik, learning about climate change includes studying your backyard

“They get the traditional, ecological perspective on sea ice and how it’s changing and shifting from the whaling crews and whaling captains,” teacher Kevin Neyhard said. “And then … we drill cores through the ice to learn about it from that perspective.”

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