Glory Hall’s Empty Bowl fundraiser. Embracing Língit language and culture at Harborview Elementary School. Juneau Arts and Humanities Council update.


The handmade empty bowls are a thing of beauty, full of potential but also a reminder that important needs go unmet.

Glory Hall is once again selling tickets for its biggest fundraiser of the year, where a ticket will get you a bowl created by a local artist, as well as soup and bread.

On this Tuesday’s Juneau Afternoon, a look at how the bowls bring help to those in need of food and shelter. And hope.

Also, in this program:

  • A school within a school at Harborview Elementary School that celebrates Língit language and culture.
  • Deadlines approaching for Juneau Arts and Humanity Council grants.
Rhonda McBride, Producer of Juneau Afternoon

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Part 1: Glory Hall Empty Bowls benefit returns with a few changes.

Guests: Mariya Lovishchuk, Executive Director, Glory Hall.
Supporters of the Glory Hall’s annual Empty Bowls benefit should expect a few changes, which include a move from Centennial Hall to the shelter’s new campus in the Mendenhall Valley at 8701 Teal Street. To buy a ticket, go to:

Part 2: Juneau Arts and Humanity Council scholarships and grants applications due Friday, April 15th.

Nancy DeCherney began as the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council’s Executive Director in 2006 (Photo courtesy Nancy DeCherney).
Guests: Nancy DeCherney, Executive Director, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.
Amy Dressel and Nic DeHart were the winners of the 2020 Wearable Art Show hosted by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. The concept for their outfits was titled “So Long and Thanks For All The Fish” and featured discarded COVID vaccine bottles.

Spring is a busy time for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, with grant and scholarship applications due on April 15th. Many of these programs are funded by the JAHC’s Wearable Art extravaganza. If you’re interested, you can apply online. Nancy DeCherney also discusses her retirement next month.



Part 3: Tlingit Culture Language and Literacy program: A school within a school at Harborview Elementary

The Tlingit Culture Language and Literacy program is an optional program at Harborview Elementary School for children from kindergarten to the fifth grade, taught in partnership with the Sealaska Heritage Institute (Photo courtesy of TCLL program, Juneau School District).
Guests: Kelley Harvey, Principal. Katie Pitman, Special Education Teacher. Cora Bontrager, 4th & 5th Grade Tlingit language teacher and alumni. Raven, student representative.
Culture is the compass for children at Harborview’s Tlingit Culture Language and Literacy program, where language and culture are a part of every day learning.


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