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Alaska Design Forum, Arts@360

Arts@360 Alaska Design Forum: Skylar Tibbits

Skylar Tibbits is the founder and co-director of the Self-Assembly Lab housed at MIT’s International Design Center. He is also Editor-In-Chief of the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Journal and the founder of SJET, LLC. Some of Skylar’s recent awards include: R&D Magazine’s 2015 Innovator

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Artist talk with Linda Infante Lyons

Linda Infante Lyons’ paintings imagine scenes of hushed stillness, devoid of human presence and inhabited by flora and fauna. Her painting series, Ebb and Flow, includes medium and large format oil paintings of Alaska-inspired landscapes.

Alaska Originals, Arts@360

Arts@360: Alaska Originals: The Ratfish Wranglers

Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers are a wild bunch of artist-musicians hailing from the town of Ketchikan that play what some have described as sub-aquatic neo-folk n’ fish-punk-rock. One never knows who is going to be ‘wrangled’ into this band of pranksters but at it’s core are well known Alaskan Fish artist Ray Troll…

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Windows into Heaven: An Artist Talk with Deacon Charles Rohrbacher

For thirty-five years, Alaskan icon painter Deacon Charles Rohrbacher has been a part of an international rediscovery of the icon and rebirth of icon painting in Russia and in the West. Rohbacher’s exhibit, Windows into Heaven: Contemporary Icons, offers a place where refuge, solace, and peace can be found in imagery. Deacon Charles Rohrbacher is…

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A mountain assembled from hanging rocks, a tapestry of fish skin, a dip net made of clay- these are just a few of the works in Annette Bellamy’s solo exhibition, Moving Mountains. The show pays tribute to the things that sustain us. Annette Bellamy is one of eight artists selected for the Alaska State Museum…

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Papke’s paintings focus on an internal search for the deeper meaning of the images, mythology, and visual narratives that captivate his imagination. He paints layered images on large hand-stretched canvases using oils, alkyds, wax mediums and classic glazing techniques. Daniel Papke is one of eight artists selected for the Alaska State Museum 2017-2019 Solo Artist…

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On September 1, 2017 Jackson Polys (aka Stephen Paul Jackson and Stron Softi) gave an artist talk about his work on the Seward shame pole that was raised in Saxman Totem Park in April, 2017. Jackson’s Seward pole is the third iteration. The original pole was erected after Secretary of State William Seward’s 1869 visit…

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Robert Murray’s large abstract sculptures begin with a model. Murray builds the models in his workshop before creating the larger works which require an industrial process involving welders, metal fabricators and painters. The exhibit highlights 8 working models, including the one Murray made for Nimbus in 1977. Author Jonathan Lippincott, whose book, Large Scale: Fabricating…

Special Arts Programs

Lineage: Tlingit Art Across Generations

360 North and KTOO Public Media are proud to announce the release of “Lineage: Tlingit Art Across Generations.” Produced in Juneau, Alaska in collaboration with Tlingit poet and storyteller Khaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope as co-director, the one-hour documentary takes viewers on an intimate journey into the lives of Tlingit artists. As Khaagwáask’ writes, “the film spends…