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Alaska Folk Festival

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Folk Fest Coverage

4-4-17 Tagish, Yukon, country singer Art Johns and Skagway fiddler Nola Lamken perform at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau April 4, 2017. (Photo by Brian Wallace Photography)

Yukon cowboy shares love of old country songs at folk festival

by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News
- Art Johns has been playing at the Alaska Folk Festival since 1995. But his musical roots go way back, almost 80 years.
Taylor Vidic rehearses with Queens, an eight-woman vocal ensemble playing the 2017 Alaska Folk Festival. (Photo by Jack Sanders/KTOO)

All-female ensemble Queens to serenade Folk Fest stage

by Jack Sanders
- Queens performs Thursday night at 8:45 p.m. on the Centennial Hall stage and Friday at the KXLL Showcase beginning at 10 p.m. at the Hangar Ballroom.
The Murphy Beds Jefferson Hamer and Eamon O'Leary play guitar and bouzouki

Listen: Guest Band The Murphy Beds previews their Alaska Folk Fest music

by Annie Bartholomew
- Irish folk duo the Murphy Beds will take the Alaska Folk Festival stage Thursday at 8:00 p.m. as the 2017 Guest Artist
Angela Oudean performs with Tod Grebe and Cold Country Sunday at 9:30 at the Red Dog Saloon. Photo by Annie Bartholomew/KTOO)

2017 Folk Fest Nightlife Guide

by Annie Bartholomew
- Your source for what's happening beyond Centennial Hall this Folk Fest
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7:00 PFLAG Juneau Pride Chorus • Juneau, Alaska
Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, Mara Early, Kim Kiefer, Marianne Mills, Jenn Mannix, Leah LaBar, Joan Wilkeson, Bobbi Mitchell, Maureen Longworth, Jean Findley, Marsha Buck, Paula Terrel, LaRae Jones, Christina Wallace, Maria Davies, Katarina Lee, April McVey, Margaret Vrolyk, Erika Partlow, Becky Bear
The JPC will sing a collection of songs celebrating diversity.
7:15 Teri Tibbett • Juneau, Alaska
Original songs
7:30 The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams • Juneau, Alaska
Geoff Kirsch, Margie McWilliams
More of the Projeqt for you to experience and experiment with — this year it’s a guitar and fiddle tribute to the 90s.
7:45 Tracey and Taylor • Douglas, Alaska
Tracey Ricker, Taylor Vidic
Two gals, two guitars, two generations- Having performed in Folk Fest for years Tracey finally returns to the stage, the last time was the year Taylor was born.
8:00 Salmon Strings • Juneau, Alaska
Finley Sullivan, Heather Parker
First fiddle performance with my instructor Heather.
8:15 Jacks in the River • Juneau, Alaska
Doug DeMaster, Shannon DeMaster, Dave Tallmon, Andrzej Piotrowski, Brandee Gerke, Auguste Stiehr
Our music is still maturing; so are we. If you like folkrockblues and have an ear for harmony and strong instrumentation, you’ll like us.
8:30 Amund and the Sweaters • Juneau, Alaska
Michaela, Zach, Will, Mallory
Let us paint you a picture.
8:45 Jesse Garcia • Glorieta, New Mexico
Original songs arranged for marimba and guitar.
9:00 Bearclaw 7 • Juneau, Alaska
Kara, Kat, Emma, Kate, Grace, Josh, Brian
We are an acoustic collective that hope to perforce some folky covers, and possibly an original!
9:15 Riley Woodford • Juneau, Alaska
New original songs
9:30 The Bellwethers • Auke Bay, Alaska
Beth Weigel, Rick Bellagh, Sergei Morosan
Bellwethering resistance through folk music. A few songs to inspire.
9:45 Odin Brudie • Juneau, Alaska
I’ll dig deep in my archives of originals and find one that everyone is sure to enjoy.
10:00 Escape From Brooklyn – the Reunion • Juneau, Alaska
Beth Leibowitz, Steve Winker, Jacque Farnsworth
Klezmer: old-time music inherited from America’s Yiddish subculture.
10:15 Ken Burch • Olympia, Washington
Music for what it’s for
10:30 The CD Band • Juneau, Alaska
Courtney Nelson, Che Plang, Johnny Rubbo, John Schauwecker, Phil Millard, Gene Nelson
Americana music of the millenials

7:00 Alaska Youth Choir • Juneau, Alaska
Songs performed by our Prep, Intermediate and Advanced Choirs under the direction of Rich Moore.
7:15 Widdling Fizzards • Juneau, Alaska
Aubrey Hekkers, Liam Penn, Annika Schwartz, Minta Schwatrz, Clara Don
Year 3 of the middle school friends widdling together through some great fiddle and folk tunes. Thanks to Lindsay Clark and Rob Cohen.
7:30 Greg • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Albrecht, Greg Pilcher
Just a couple of Gregs, doing what we do.
7:45 Art Johns’ Old Time Country Experience • Skagway, Alaska
Art Johns, Nola Lamken
Art plays guitar and sings old-time country songs.
8:00 George Kuhar • Juneau, Alaska
It’s about the folks
8:15 Bryson Evans • Chehalis, Washington
I perform original folk/country songs, sing, play harmonica, acoustic guitar. I would perform with ballads, a waltz, rockabilly song.
8:30 The Speakers • Juneau, Alaska
Wendy Hladick, Chris Hladick, Bryce Edgmon, Adam Wool, Teri Tibbitt, Mark Schultz
Like their band name, these musicians have something to say!
8:45 James Pothier • Juneau, Alaska
Guitar / vocals
9:00 The Alaska Girls • Douglas, Alaska
Cadence A. Ward, Cagney Davis, Kylie Lowenstein
Get ready for the ‘The Alaska Girls’ – three 4th grade girls from Juneau who enjoy playing music together! They’re pretty awesome…
9:15 Houseboat Honeys • Sausalito, California
Olivia Sinaiko, Kiel Renick
Two former Juneau residents returning to their Southeast home to sing a few of their favorite tunes, a mix of originals and well-worn classics.
9:30 Mark Heard • Auke Bay, Alaska
Acoustic guitar tunes on a Sitka spruce top
9:45 Lonely Winter • Juneau, Alaska
Joshua David Miller, Hannah Wilson, Maia Wolf
Lonely Winter is an indie-folk band from Juneau that incorporates elements of traditional americana as well as classical instrumentation.
10:00 Slow Street • Juneau, Alaska
Vickie Van Fleet, Jim Powell, Bill Childers, Don Rudolph, Odin Brudie
Five Friends Fuse. “Soul sista” Van Fleet, “Weeping guitar” Childers, “Funksta” Brudie, “Melo mando,” Powell & “Bassist” Rudolph playing favorites!
10:15 John Palmes • Juneau, Alaska
More folk music from Juneau, Alaska.
10:30 Safety Third • Gustavus, Alaska
Kim Heacox, Jamie Marks, Hank Lentfer, Catherine Marks, Linnea Lentfer
Mixing it up with songs from the Beatles to a Modern Rock Opera and a few surprises in between.

7:00 Njuzu Marimbas • Juneau, Alaska
Jesse Garcia, Betsy Sims, Emily Kane, Val Snyder, Grace Newman, Clem Taylor Roth, Reed Gardinier
An original piece by our visiting artist, Jesse Garcia, as well as a traditional Zimbabwean piece or two.
7:15 Radio Flyer • Juneau, Alaska
Lake Bartlett, Nolan Campos, Eli Crupi, Finn Kesey, Aidan Kovach
A 6th grade blue grass band from Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School.
7:30 Ward F. Ward and Friends • Douglas, Alaska
Ward F. Ward, Mark Hildebrand, Various Artists
Hold on to your seat! It’s time for some original songs – and six string gymnastics – from Juneau artist Ward F. Ward and Friends!
7:45 The Unholy Trinity • Douglas, Alaska
Lucy Peckham, Carl Schrader, Sue Schrader
Who knew cello and oboe could move so effortlessly from Baroque to folk? Combined with hot licks from the mandolin, this eclectic trio will be sure to dazzle.
8:00 Greyscale • Juneau, Alaska
John Lager, John Ingalls, Amy O’Neill Houck
Lost songs from the far reaches of time and memory. Flute, guitar, ukulele, and vocals.
8:15 Ryan Laursen • Auburn, California
Traditional Celtic tunes, original folk punk, and a few twists.
8:30 Tramwreck • Douglas, Alaska
Jamie Marks, Tania Lewis, Heidi Johnson, Colin Osterhout, Dave Kovach, Bobby Jones, T.J. Lazar
8:45 Ray Tucker • Whitehorse, Yukon
songs by and for Buddy Tabor
9:00 Costa’s House of Perpetual Devotion • Juneau, Alaska
Collette Costa, Terry Schwarz, Doug Bridges
Try as we might, we always seem to be 4 rings short of a full circus. But doggone it, we’re gonna try, cause now sure as hell ain’t the time to give up.
9:15 John Stey • Sanibel, Florida
9:30 Shoreline • Juneau, Alaska
John Hartle, Keith Heller, Joe Emerson
Acoustic folk music, kinda random…
9:45 Nathaniel Leggett • Skagway, Alaska
Playing a couple acoustic renditions with a song i wrote personally
10:00 Josef Q and the rounders • Petersburg, Alaska
Josef Quitslund
Some secular hymns with whomever I can round up to play along.
10:15 Kelsey Rae • Bismarck, North Dakota
Kelsey Anderson
I play acoustic guitar and sing. Primarily folk and classic country, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, etc.
10:30 Mountain River • Whitehorse, Yukon
Ray Tucker, Roslyn Wilson, Scott Wilson
An acoustic trio from Whitehorse, Yukon performing from the folk/Americana repertoire.

7:00 Cheryl Branz • Greenacres, Washington
Original songs performed with my acoustic guitar, versatile voice and engaging personality!
7:15 Shawn Mccole and friends • Juneau, Alaska
Shawn McCole, C Scott Frye, Joe Karson
Banjo and tenor guitar with bass and guitar back up
7:30 Erin & Andrew • Juneau, Alaska
Erin Heist, Andrew Heist
Country and bluegrass duets to make your toes curl.
7:45 Marian Call • Juneau, Alaska
Marian Call, Laura Zahasky
An acoustic set of new original songs.
8:00 The Murphy Beds • New York, New York
Eamon O’Leary, Jefferson Hamer
8:45 Queens • Juneau, Alaska
Taylor Vidic, Cameron Brockett, Dara Rilatos, Rahsah McChesney, Asia Ver, Elizabeth Ekins, Kylynn Machir, Celia Montalto, Cate Ross
An ennead(9) of unaccompanied female vocalists, all singing around one microphone. It’s gonna be cool.
9:00 Frances Leach and Michael Maas • Juneau, Alaska
Two friends who make music together
9:15 Jocelyn Miles • Juneau, Alaska
Rob Cohen
Vocalist with piano and possible guitar accompaniment
9:30 Tyler Preston • Juneau, Alaska
A singer-songwriter and guitar teacher from Juneau, Tyler will be performing songs from his 2017 album Close To The Line, available at
9:45 Andy Miller • Juneau, Alaska
Songs about Juneau, true and otherwise
10:00 Lindsay Clark, Quinn Zahasky and Greg Burger • Juneau, Alaska
Hot Fiddling and tight harmonies. Tunes in the Newgrass/David Grisman genre
10:15 Wiley’s Coyotes • Boulder, Colorado
Tim Triggs, Bridget Lapenter, Nate Wiley
10:30 Emma Hill • Anchorage, Alaska
Emma Hill, Kat Moore
singer/songwriter. All original material

7:00 The Empty Oil Barrel Band • Douglas, Alaska
Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Jon Pollard, James Sullivan, Terry Schwarz, Maggie Schoenfeld
Parodies, political satire and general fun.
7:15 The Hannah Yoter Band • Anchorage, Alaska
Hannah Yoter, Silas Hoffman, Forest Wilson, Aurora Bowers, Jason Sear
Group performance of original tunes. Band consists of guitar, upright bass, fiddle and drums.
7:30 The Lost Lakers • Fairbanks, Alaska
Karen Foote, Tim Foote
Three original songs, from the Roundhouse to your house
7:45 The Honey Badgers • The Dalles, Oregon
Lu Seapy, Heather Parker, Dale Brandenburger
Acoustic songs that combine sweet harmonies, a bit of blues-tinged country, with a rocking beat.
8:00 Dona and Dennis Townsend • Tacoma, Washington
Songs with feelin, and maybe one without.
8:15 Third Man Blues • Juneau, Alaska
Annie Bartholomew, Jacob Pickard
Modern guitar classics from Detroit to Nashville
8:30 Hot Ptarmigan • Anchorage, Alaska
Sarah Schoen, Laura Chartier, Conor McManamin, Jonathan Felis
What’s sweeter than a persimmon, duckier than a harlequin, and more reactive than oxygen? Hot Ptarmigan! Harmony-driven folk/Americana/rock out of Anchorage.
8:45 Big Chimney Barn Dance • Anchorage, Alaska
Danny C., Jason Norris, Nate Williamson, Jay Marvin, Garren Volper
Smokin’ hot old time string band!
9:00 Ryan Bowers and the Brain Trust • Fairbanks, Alaska
Ryan Bowers, Alan Bent, Aurora Bowers, Cole Paramore
Emotionally complex and catchy acoustic songs full of wordcraft and devastation, with thoughtful storytelling and a beating dance heart.
9:15 Robin Hopper • Chugiak, Alaska
Award-winning songwriter/music educator from Chugiak.
9:30 Goldwing • Douglas, Alaska
Clay Good, Ben Higdon, Dan Desloover, Dan Kirkwood
Original space-country music.
9:45 The Barnstormers • Anchorage, Alaska
Jason Norris, Stella Lyn
Jason and Stella picking and singing a few of our favorites.
10:00 Lou Nathanson • Anchorage, Alaska
Lou Nathanson, TBD
Is it indie? Not really. Is it pop music? Certainly not. So clearly, it must be…co-dependent and unpopular! Is that a bad thing?
10:15 Your Favorite Sisters • Juneau, Alaska
Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs, Alicia Hughes-Skandijs
Local hosts of Juneau’s number one sibling-based radio program, two sisters playing a few of their favorite tunes straight from the heart
10:30 SalmonEye • Anchorage , Alaska
Isaac Woods , Sam Engebretsen
These Alaskans have traveled from the tundra to the rainforests while leaving a trail of tunes behind them.
10:45 Katie Henry • Davis, California
A feisty little collection of original songs
11:00 Freya Shrestha • Juneau, Alaska
Freya will be singing and playing guitar.


12:00 Juneau Strummers • Douglas, Alaska
Juneau Elementary Schools
3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from all of Juneau’s Elementary music programs, strumming plucking, frailing and singing their hearts out.
12:15 Karl Pfeiffenberger • Seward, Alaska
Teenaged strummer sings ballads and pop tunes
12:30 The Outside Singers • Juneau, Alaska
Ingrid Higdon, Sophia Mylen, Rachel Wood, Shaelyn Newport, Genevieve Pikul, Callie Conerton
Five students from Montessori Borealis who love to sing together with their student teacher.
12:45 The Cheapest Key • Juneau, Alaska
Laurence Blakely, Charlie Earnshaw, Laura Chartier, Erik Kross
Trio of singer-songwriters based in Anchorage, playing original tunes in the realm of folk/punk (fonk!)
1:00 Carl Reese • Juneau, Alaska
The minstrel rooster from Robin Hood said,
1:15 ‘a band called whatever’ • Haines, Alaska
Tim Hammell, Daryl James
Two guitars and one voice, speaking for us all in support of the Earth and its Peoples. Voices rise up to the sky, we are Standing Proud.
1:30 Swing Dogs • Fairbanks, Alaska
Nancy Bayer, Charlie Hunt, Carol Indorf
A set of Jigs, a Waltz and a set of Reels
1:45 Ellamy Tiller and the Twang • Kodiak, Alaska
Ellamy Tiller, Andy Edgerly, Sawyer Olsen, Jim Peterson, Steve Richter
Led by Eellamy Tiller’s vocals, we play bluegrass and americana music. Kodiak style.
2:00 The String Vibrations • Juneau, Alaska
April Henderson, Jaime Burrous
Two singers having fun with pop songs and duets, including some string playing as well!
2:15 Patrick McCormick • Anchorage, Alaska
A triumphant return to Juneau. Or something like that!
2:30 James Lawless • Juneau, Alaska
I was a hitchiking, train-hopping hobo before winding up in Alaska, where I traveled around North America playing music to get from one town to the next.
2:45 Squirrel Head Soup Stringband • Fairbanks, Alaska
Shane McBurney, Shauna Budge, Heidi Kristensen
Old time fiddle music.
3:00 Snow River String Band • Seward, Alaska
Lydia Jacoby, Lucy Hankins, Karl Pfeiffenberger, Neil Lindquist, Max Pfeiffenberger
These teenaged bluegrassers from Seward keep on picking and plucking on favorites old and new. See if you can make ’em smile!
3:15 Frail Away Ladies • Gustavus, Alaska
Ellie Sharman, Kate Boesser, Katya Kirsch, Heidi Kristenson, Sally Donaldson, Devin Tatro, Kathy Fanning
Clawhammer connection – Sweet old-time songs performed by women banjoists from across Alaska.
3:30 Panhandle Sacred Harp Singers • Sitka, Alaska
Kari Lundgren
Workshop participants singing hauntingly beautiful folk hymns.


7:00 Floyd Dryden Singers – directed by Missouri Smyth • Juneau, Alaska
Middle School Students
Celebrating Diversity With Song
7:15 Ninja Dog • Douglas, Alaska
Cadence Ward, Ward F. Ward, Andy Engstrom
Enjoy the music stylings of Ninja Dog, featuring 10-year-old singer-songwriter Cadence A. Ward. This set is dedicated to all dogs and dog lovers!
7:30 Todd Grebe and Cold Country • Anchorage, Alaska
Todd Grebe, Nathan May, Conor McManamin, Angela Oudean, Andy King
The wind beneath your wings
7:45 The Harmiddler Brothers • Seattle, Washington
Grant Dermody, Bob Banghart
Bow meets breath in the house of the long note.
8:00 Liz Snyder • Juneau, Alaska
just a couple tunes
8:15 Kim Beggs • Whitehorse, Yukon
Kim Beggs looks forward to sharing some of her original songs. New album will be out in Fall 2017.
8:30 Blind Hog Redux • Fairbanks, Alaska
Erin Tilly, Lynn Basham, Chris Behnke, Katie McCaffrey
A complex mix of baling wire, old plywood, scratchy voices, and wandering stories that will come together to make Irish music.
8:45 Pat Henry & Family • Juneau, Alaska
Pat Henry, Katie Henry, Hiram Henry, Friends ?
Songs from Jeanie’s kitchen
9:00 Caitlin Warbelow • Brooklyn, New York
Fairbanks-born, NYC-based fiddler takes time off from Broadway’s new hit musical “Come From Away” to play tunes at her all-time favorite festival.
9:15 Michael Truax • Juneau, Alaska
Michael Truax, Debby Johnson
Celebrating my 40th Folk Festival appearance.
9:30 Region V • Juneau, Alaska
Dylan Taylor, Justin Miller, Chris Talley, Kevin Garcia, Arias Hoyle
We plan on playing and performing a loopstation beatbox freegyle rap session along with two songs off our upcoming album. Live DJ and dancing.
9:45 The Norris Bowers Band • Anchorage , Alaska
Pete Bowers, Ryan Bowers, Aurora Bowers, Celine Vaillancourt, Jason Norris, Scott Norris
High octane old time music with a bluegrasser’s sense for drama and harmony.
10:00 f.k.a. (Sevarious) • Auke Bay, Alaska
Covering (my own) original folk ballads from years back
10:15 Jim Pfeiffenberger • Seward, Alaska
AKA Boney Hips Bradley-Acoustic Blues
10:30 .5 Hopkins Family Band • Juneau, Alaska
Erik Hopkins, Henry Hopkins, + friends
Irish Tunes- Tunes from the old country…and then what happened to them when they came to Amerikay.
10:45 Linda Chase • Portland, Oregon
Linda Chase, Laura Chase
Folk songs, voice and guitar
11:00 Destry Jameson Walter Smith • Anchorage, Alaska
Solo acoustic Mandolin hints of Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Ragtime


12:00 Bad Dad Band • Douglas, Alaska
Paul DeSloover, Diane DeSloover, Daniel DeSloover, Breea Mearig, Meghan DeSloover, Kent Mearig, Sarah Shaddy-Farnsworth, Eva Hildebrand, Della Mearig
Come sail away with us.
12:15 Heavens to Betsy • Anchorage, Alaska
Fiona Rose Worcester, Betsy Ure
Anchor-ragers Fiona and Betsy perform their original whimsical songs about nomadic ramblings, existential crises, and love. Careful in front!
12:30 Luke Weld • Juneau, Alaska
Classic piano jazz with a country side
12:45 Mark Meyer • Tenakee Springs, Alaska
2 or possibly 3 kanikapila style Hawaiian songs. ukuleles and anything else I can get. If you know the hula to these songs please dance.
1:00 Pioneer Mountain Stringband • Sitka, Alaska
Devin Tatro, Tom Crane, Ben Timby
Bright-eyed & hot-blooded Old Time music, fresh from Sitka! We’ll play some traditional Appalachian folk/fiddle tunes with newfangled flair.
1:15 bryan graceland • Juneau, Alaska
contemporary gospel
1:30 Girl in the Yellow Dress • Anchorage , Alaska
Zoey Bigelow
All original songs! Be ready to smile, and maybe even sing along.
1:45 String and a Prayer • Ketchikan, Alaska
Lorna Murdock, Molly Murdock, Luke Murdock, Jake Sulken, John Holt, Brian Curtis
3 fiddles, 2 guitars and an upright bass present Cape Breton Island and American fiddle music plus a couple folk tunes with vocal harmony.
2:00 Sam Kaspar • Davis, California
Sam Janata
mainly angst, mostly lame
2:15 Burl Sheldon • Haines, Alaska
Original tunes and favorites
2:30 Fu Bao and friends • Juneau, Alaska
Fu Bao Goldsberry
Fun songs for kids of all ages.
2:45 Milk Carton • Juneau, Alaska
Sage Yeshua, Callahan Croteau, Finn Morley
We are three 8th grades from the Juneau Community Charter School. And we are going to be playing a mix alternative and blue grass music. 🙂
3:00 Tracy Spring • Bellingham , Washington
From Bellingham, WA with life-long connections to Alaska, songwriter Tracy Spring performs contemporary folk music.
3:15 Jess and J • Skagway, Alaska
Jason Shelley
One guitar, 2 vocals, a tambourine…we have a handful of original songs. Our music is harmony heavy with both a folk and blues influence.
3:30 String of Lights • Anchorage, Alaska
Heather Stewart, Charles Earnshaw, Terry Kelly, Jamie Whiteman
This Anchorage-based band performs a genre-blending collection of contemporary folk songs with influences ranging from classical to jazz to indie rock.


7:00 Last Chance Jazz Band • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Williams, John Haywood, Georgia Horton, Caplan Anderson, Bill Childers, Jacque Farnsworth, David Grove, Don Rudolph, Bea Findlay, Bobbi Mitchell
We play Traditional 1920’s Jazz
7:15 Wes Colquette, Ramblin’ Man Music • Clarksville, Tennessee
Wes Colquette is an Alaskan born and raised, plays Americana folk, 50s, 60s, 70s rock, and original songs. His debut album, Gypsy Heart, was released May 2016.
7:30 Annie Carlson with Mike Mickelson & Friends • Cordova, Alaska
Come listen to friends reconnect on stage through vocal harmonies and guitar riffs.
7:45 The Gitterounders • Anchorage, Alaska
Scott Norris, Danny Booth, Jeremy Kane, Jason Norris
Bluegrass the way it was meant to be played
8:00 Sea of Heartbreak • Boise, Idaho
Ava Honey, Caroline Oakley, Reeb Willms, Katy Harris, Special guests Cayla and Jayla
Fiddle tunes, murder ballads and country duets to break your heart
8:15 Tom Begich with Sarah Sledge and friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Original songs from an Anchorage songwriter trapped in the Legislative vortex… Can he escape? Listen and find out.
8:30 Irene Muller • Seattle, Washington
Homegrown songs for the long way home.
8:45 Forrest ‘n Ben • Seattle, Washington
Forrest Gibson, Ben Winship
Pick up the rug, put down the jug and stand back while these chickens flap their wings.
9:00 The Murphy Beds • New York, New York
Eamon O’Leary, Jefferson Hamer