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Newscast-Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020

Juneau’s landfill has been extra stinky lately, here’s what’s causing it, 

Alaska lawmakers will be required to wear facemasks during floor sessions, that and other rules were adopted by a joint House-Senate Legislative Council on Monday, it’s not clear how long those rules will be in effect. 
The collision of a warm, wet weather front with a mass of cold air from Siberia could set a new record: the lowest barometric pressure recorded in the North Pacific, 
While the COVID-19 pandemic forced many schools and colleges to innovate ways to teach students remotely, one University of Alaska Campus was already there. 

Dunleavy pitches drawing billions from Permanent Fund earnings to boost the state’s economy next year

According to his budget proposal, he wants to draw about $6.3 billion from the state’s permanent fund earnings — about half of that is part of the regular draw that would happen under state statute. The rest, he’s calling a one-time ask — saying he doesn’t intend to regularly lean on the fund to pay for large expenses.