Miguel de Cervantes on Crosscurrents – 9/29

Don Quixote, a satirical quest for chivalry, was a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes who was born on this date in 1547. Don Quixote, the brave knight and Sancho Panza, his loyal squire are joined by Gavin, the valiant canine and Wyatt, his devoted comrade as they tilt at windmills and bark at squirrels.

Michael Faraday on Crosscurrents 9/22

English chemist and physicist, Michael Faraday, born on this date in 1791, is recognized for his dazzling findings in the fields electro-magnetism and flux-rotation.

Peter Sellers on Crosscurrents 9/8

The comic detective exploits of Chief Inspector Clouseau was made famous by Peter Sellers who was born on this date in 1925.  Gavin and Wyatt are the focus of Clouseau’s inspection while the Pink Panther is on his mind.  The song list in honor of Peter Sellers will focus on panther, pink, and diamond music…

Telling Tales – 8/09/14

In Honor of National Aviation Day, MsG reads two stories: “The Day I Sprouted Wings” by J. Herman Banning “Flying – A Dream Come True!” by Ida M. Tarbell She explains the stories are “in dedication to all the “flyboys and girls” who taught me the science of aviation and how to love flying.”

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