Wednesday, September 14, 2022: LoveStroke releases new EP this week. Juneau Police Department monthly update. League of Women Voters holds candidate’s forum. Several organizations partner for fall community clean-up. 

Ben Love posts a lot of videos singing at different outdoor locations (Photo by David Jobe).

From indie rock to hip hop, Ben Love makes music just about everywhere he goes. On the prairies of North Dakota. Across Canada. On The beaches of Southeast Alaska. Even inside a glacier.

On this Wednesday’s Juneau Afternoon, Love will talk about his band, LoveStroke, which is releasing a new recording this week called Encephal Wealth.

Also on this program:

  • League of Women Voter’s candidate forum.
  • Advice from the Juneau Police Department on getting road-ready for the winter.
  • How several organizations are teaming-up for this Saturday’s community clean-up.

Sheli DeLaney hosts this Wednesday’s program. You can catch Juneau Afternoon, Tuesday through Friday, live at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juneau 104.3.  The rebroadcast airs at 7:00 p.m. on KTOO. You can also listen online at

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Part 1: Ben Love: Using music to tell stories.

Guests: Ben Love, musical artist.
Ben Love talks about how composing and performing music is an important outlet for him, that he uses to fight depression. He says his music is also a way to tell stories, which he does in his new EP, Enchephal Wealth.

Part 2: Juneau Police: Changing seasons means changing road conditions.

Guests: Lt. Krag Cambell, Juneau Police Department.
As the days grow darker, colder and wetter, so does the danger on Juneau Roads.  And while it’s hard to switch to the winter driving mode,  Lt. Krag Campbell with the Juneau Police Department says there are some ways to prepare.


Part 3: Juneau League of Women Voters hosts candidates forum.

Guests: Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs, President, Juneau League of Women Voters.
KTOO, KINY and the Juneau Empire were partners in this year’s League of Women Voters candidate forum.

Even though the October 4th Municipal Election is just a few weeks away,  for many voters, it’s not on their radar screens just yet. But on Wednesday night,  the Juneau League of Women Voters is hosting a forum, so voters can get to know the candidates for assembly and school board, as well as learn about some of the issues.

In case you missed the forum, you can watch here:



Part 4: Juneau fall community clean-up.

Guests: Debbie Hart Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership. Raechel Juzeler, Ratchet Construction and Makerspace. Ryan Lange, Alaskan Brewing Company.
As the saying goes, many hands make light work. That’s the spirit behind this Saturday’s community clean-up campaign.  Several organizations in Juneau have teamed-up to draw as much support as possible.


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