Friday, September 2, 2022: Juneau Central Labor Council celebrates Labor Day. Quinton Woolman Morgan’s new CD recording. Christine Kleinhenz featured at Juneau Artists Gallery. Harvest Fair expands horizons of gardening in Juneau.

Juneau Central Labor Council’s Labor Day picnic will be held on Monday, September 5th at the Sandy Beach log cabin from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Photo courtesy of Juneau Central Labor Council.


Alaska’s labor unions say there’s a lot to reflect upon this Labor Day holiday – especially union members, who worked in service jobs during the pandemic and put themselves at risk, while others were able to work from home.

On this Thursday’s Juneau Afternoon, a look at Labor Day as a time to recognize and express gratitude for the contributions of working men and women to the country during the pandemic.

Also in this show:

  • Quinton Woolman Morgan stops by Juneau Afternoon to play a few tunes from his new CD.
  • Christine Kleinhenz exhibit this month at the Juneau Artists Gallery.
  • 28th annual Juneau Harvest Fair.
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Part 1: Unions celebrate Labor Day in Juneau at Sandy Beach.

Guests: Miguel Rohrbacher, political organizer for the Alaska Public Employees Association. Trenton English, the coordinator of the Juneau Central Labor Council.
Some of the things the Juneau Central Labor Council wants to highlight on Labor Day:

  • Sacrifices of union workers in high risk jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How the high percentage of union workers in Juneau also benefits non-union workers and the overall economy.
  • Public service role in the community.

Part 2: Quinton Woolman Morgan plays songs from his new CD, Blue Stone Middle of Nothing

Guests: Quinton Woolman Morgan, Juneau singer and songwriter.

Quinton Woolman Morgan says a lot of his songs are inspired by his love of the outdoors (Photo courtesy of Quinton Woolman Morgan).

Quinton Woolman Morgan works on a cabin crew for the US Forest Service but has another life as a singer-songwriter. He says his new recording, Blue Stone Middle of Nothing, was released in January. He says this collection of songs was mostly written in Juneau and also features local musicians.

Part 3: Juneau Artists Gallery August exhibit: Wearable art from Christine Kleinhenz.

Guests: Christine Kleinhenz, Artist.

Christine Kleinhenz combines two things she loves in her September exhibit at the Juneau Artists Gallery — capturing nature in her art and making jewelry (Photo courtesy of Christine Kleinhenz).

Mini paintings and nature scenes, inspired by Southeast Alaska scenery are Christine Kleinhenz’ stock and trade. In this conversation with Andy Kline, she talks about her exhibit this month at the Juneau Artists Gallery which features “wearable art” — in which she’s incorporated her painting into a line of jewelry.

Part 4: Juneau Harvest Fair celebrates 28 years of gardening.

Guests: Ed Buyarski, Master Gardener.
The Juneau Harvest Fair is a chance to showcase gardening success in Juneau’s challenging climate (Photo courtesy of Juneau Community Gardens Association).


Every year, the Juneau Community Garden Association holds a Harvest Fair at the community garden on Montana Creek Road, land the City and Borough of Juneau has made available for gardening, education and charitable uses.

Asian lily, grown in a Juneau Community Garden plot, one of many examples of how Juneau gardeners are changing preconceptions about what can be grown in Southeast Alaska (Photo by Ed Buyarski).

Eight prizes are awarded in four categories: Most unique, most traditional, best Alaskan theme and best use of recycled items.

Andy Kline talks with Master Gardener Ed Buyarski about how the Harvest Fair, in its 28 years, has helped to expand knowledge about gardening in Juneau.

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