Dunleavy administration announces amount of Alaska’s 2019 PFD checks

Anchorage Permanent Fund Dividend Office 2016 03 14
Alaskans file their permanent fund dividend applications in downtown Anchorage in March 2016. (Photo by Rachel Waldholz/Alaska Public Media)

Each eligible Alaska resident will receive a $1,606 permanent fund dividend this year, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration announced Friday.

The payment will be split between 631,000 recipients, and it’s each person’s share of the more than $1 billion that the state Legislature budgeted for dividends. Lawmakers set aside that amount after using a larger share of the revenues of the $63.6 billion investment fund — originally seeded with oil revenue — to pay for government services.

Dunleavy had pushed lawmakers to set dividends using a 1982 formula passed by the Legislature; it would have allowed for payments of $2,916 to each resident, while leaving a major budget deficit. Lawmakers rejected that proposal, saying that it would violate another state law that limits the draw on permanent fund earnings.

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