KTOO wins 10 Alaska Press Club awards

By April 28, 2014What's Happening

KTOO won 10 awards at the Alaska Press Club conference last Saturday.  The KTOO website was awarded first place for best media website while Lisa Phu, Matt Miller and Casey Kelly all received first place in various radio categories. Gavel Alaska was awarded best social media package for its Facebook and Twitter presence.

CoastAlaska stations received a total of 18 awards at the event and The Juneau Empire won 12.

Here’s a list of all of the winners.

Best Media Website – All Media

First Place | Ktoo.org
“Clean, well-organized, user-friendly design that really highlights the site content. Estimated reading time at the top of story pages is a nice touch.” – Susie Cagle, judge

Best Social Media Package – All Media

First Place | Gavel Alaska
“Gavel has accomplished the very difficult task of turning something as dry as legislative session coverage into something smart, lucid, conversational and a little irreverent — in other words great social media. It’s a refreshing departure from many other niche news outlets who give up on social media because of a limited readership. Gavel’s social media may lack the audience and polish found at larger sites but its plucky approach puts it on par with any news org in Alaska.” – Abraham Hyatt, judge

Best Sports Reporting – Radio

First Place | Lisa Phu
Juneau sails to the end of summer with 3-day Regatta
“From the nat sound opening to the mix of exquisite sound under the narrative, this is what radio does best. You really ARE there with Lisa. Marvelous work, riveting. It was over too fast, rare with a radio feature.” –  Gayle Falkenthal, judge

Best Business Reporting – Radio

First Place | Matt Miller
Douglas business closed down, seized by IRS
“Great digging: through records and interviewing. Impressive you got Peterson to go on tape.” – John Ryan, judge

Best Government or Political Reporting – Radio

First Place | Casey Kelly
Juneau prepares for Federal Sequestration
“Solid work reporting on the various ways in which the sequester might affect Juneau and environs.” –  Paul Glickman, judge

Best Multimedia Presentation – All Media

Second Place | Kelsey Gobroski and Heather Bryant
Raptor rehab program dreams of a center for birds
“Such a sad story well told. Nice mixing of still and video photography. It is a little unclear to me why the center’s acreage is fallow, but the woman’s heart clearly shows through, and the stories of how each bird got to the center is compelling and sad.” – Bob Collins, judge

Best Education Reporting – Radio

Second Place | Lisa Phu
Tlingit ventriloquism, a way to keep the language alive
“I actually combined this and a companion piece into a single entry for the purposes of awards. Next to a profile piece on a mime, one on a ventriloquist must present the most challenges to a radio reporter. But what a great way to save a language! Good pacing, nice audio mix.” – Bob Collins, judge

Best Reporting on Crime and Courts – Radio

Second Place | Matt Miller
Alaska’s fast ferries getting new engines installed
“A very good job of explaining a difficult story to report.  Good tape…nat sound came a bit late in the report.  Judges enjoyed this reporter’s conversational delivery and style.  Some judges are not big fans of hearing lots of tape before speaker is identified, but understood the flow here.  Nice work by reporter.” – Doug Doyle, judge

Best Government or Political Reporting – Radio

Second Place | Casey Kelly
Republican lawmakers get riled over state vehicles blocking abortion protest
“A well told, comprehensive look at the abortion protest controversy.” – Paul Glickman, judge

Best Profile – Radio

Third Place | Casey Kelly and Rosemarie Alexander
Children’s author Jean Rogers dies
“I found myself smiling in this piece. It was well-told and also had some fun ‘nuggets’ revealed throughout with the soundbites chosen. (despite a sad topic)” – Jeff Stein, judge

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