Mooring dolphin going in at Station Juneau

By November 27, 2012Military

A barge with a crane is in place at Coast Guard Station Juneau to install a mooring dolphin this week.

A new mooring dolphin will go in this week at Coast Guard Station Juneau.

A barge with a crane has already arrived to drive the pilings.

Matt Waranius is Coast Guard civil engineer and contracting officer for the project. He says a bad section of pier at Station Juneau has been taken down and won’t be rebuilt.

 “We decided to go with a mooring dolphin, which is going to be a three-pile mooring bollard that’s sticking out about 44 feet flush with the end of the wharf and then there will be a catwalk going out to it,” Waranius says.

 He says North Pacific Erectors will be driving the three steel pilings into the seabed.

“So they’ll pick up the piles, they’ll vibrate them into place,” he says. ” They shake them and then from that point they’ll put a hammer up on the top of the crane and it’ll just be some pounding noises.”

Then a platform and catwalk will be attached.

Waranius says those pounding noises will be briefly heard Wednesday or Thursday.

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