Juneau Afternoon 11/7/12

By November 6, 2012A Juneau Afternoon

It was a packed show today on a Juneau Afternoon with Andy Kline hosting.

We heard from Eric Boraas at Trail Mix about their Dinner and Auction Saturday at 6 pm at Centennial Hall.

Gary Weglarz and Bill Williams of Hospice Homecare told us about a Rememberence Gathering on Sunday, November 18.

It is Wildlife Wednesday and Michelle Ridgeway, Marine Ecologist and Chair, Alaska Chapter, of the Explorers Club will be talking tonight about her rural Alaska education efforts.

We talked about Queen for a Day, an Eagles Scholarship fundraiser, Friday, November 16 with Gerry Swanson.

And a talk on the Future of Wild Pacific Salmon by Dr. Robert Lackey that is being held on Friday at Centennial Hall was the discussion we wrapped up with — speaking to Neil Stichert of the US Fish and Wildlife and the  the SE Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership

Listen to the whole big shebang here!


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