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Greenhouse clean-up and preparation

Gardentalk – Starts

Gardentalk – Starts

Master Gardener Ed Buyarski gets us started on the upcoming gardening season.


Gardentalk – End of season


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski with the last edition of the season.… more

Gardentalk – Bulb selection and care


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski has some ideas for selecting and storing bulbs for eventual planting this fall.… more

Gardentalk – Piles of Potatoes


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski has some ideas for harvesting potatoes and prevent potato scab.… more

Gardentalk – Juneau Community Garden

Gardentalk – Juneau Community Garden

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/GardenTalk8-31-11.mp3Its harvest time and the Juneau community garden celebrated on Sunday with the 19th annual Harvest Fair.… more

Gardentalk – Drainage

Gardentalk – Drainage

http://www.ktoo.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/garden082511.mp3Master Gardener Ed Buyarski has some tips for drainage and a preview of some upcoming gardening events.… more

Gardentalk – Seed Collecting


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski has some tips for collecting and drying seeds.… more

Gardentalk – Journal keeping


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski tells us about planting the seeds for future success by keeping a journal of our efforts.… more

Gardentalk – Harvest time!


Master Gardener Ed Buyarski has some suggestions for harvesting our vegetables in our garden.


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