Pawsitively Fabulous Pet Fashion Show

Ten dogs and one cat took to the stage last Saturday for the Pawsitively Fabulous Pet Fashion Show. Hear an audio postcard from the event here.

All the contestants gather on stage for the Pawsitively Fabulous costume contest.

Sister Mary Bee and Father Bumble

Murphy the Scarecrow and Sherry Garrison.

Lucy, Lilly the bee’s sister, is an elegant ballerina.

Lilly the bumblebee was most interested in smelling the stage.

Winnie Phillips in her pink sweater and shoes is walked by Crystal Parfaitt

Maximo Wagglebottom and Tallulah,8, came as Beauty and the Beast.

Yedidiah-also known as Mighty Dat–was the only cat in the competition.

Paxton the Angel

Tulip the shark

Begley shows off a pink tutu and wings on stage.

Scout the Pumpkin