Animal lovers gather at the JACC for Pet Fest

Ten dogs and one cat took to the stage last Saturday for the Pawsitively Fabulous Pet Fashion Show. The Gastineau Humane Society held this year’s annual Pet Festival fundraiser at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. Festival attendees also watched pet-friendly spins on races, musical chairs and product demonstrations.

All the contestants gather on stage for the Pawsitively Fabulous costume contest.

Corinna Williams holds Yedidiah–also known as Mighty Dat–the only cat in the competition. Mighty Dat got an honorable mention for his bravery on stage.

Begley, pictured with Matt Paskowski, competed in the costume contest as a Fairy. Matt and Jessie Paskowski say that Begley doesn’t usually care too much for dressing up.

Dogs gather for friendly greetings at the Pet Festival.

Maximo Wagglebottom discovers the judges table has hot dogs.

Tallulah and a friend hold Maximo back as he tries to steal Begley’s hot dog treat.

Paxton who’s 4 years old, entered the costume contest as an angel. Paxton also greets customers at Changing Tides.

Charlie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He and his owner Carol Lemon are new to Juneau and came to the festival to meet the community.

Chevelle Hogan entered the contest with Scout who dressed as a pumpkin.

Sherry Garrison entered Murphy as a scarecrow. Murphy came in second for the weenie race.

Crystal Parfaitt and Winnie

Tallulah, 8, and her friend Maximo Wagglebottom, won the costume contest. “He doesn’t like wearing it,” says Tallulah about the dress Maximo wore. “He was biting it.”

Photos by Heather Bryant/KTOO

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