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Weaving with Sea Otter Fur – Kathy Rado

September 2021

Kathy Rado, adopted Haida Double-fin Killerwhale wove this sea otter fur raven’s tail robe for her husband, Pedro Rado (Eagle, Killerwhale from Klukwan). Rado has been weaving in the raven’s tail style for over 30 years. Raven’s tail is a very old hand-weaving technique featuring geometric patterns that predates the more familiar Chilkat robes. The…

At the APK

Windows into Heaven: An Artist Talk with Deacon Charles Rohrbacher

For thirty-five years, Alaskan icon painter Deacon Charles Rohrbacher has been a part of an international rediscovery of the icon and rebirth of icon painting in Russia and in the West. Rohbacher’s exhibit, Windows into Heaven: Contemporary Icons, offers a place where refuge, solace, and peace can be found in imagery. Deacon Charles Rohrbacher is…

Juneau World Affairs Council

Faith-based Diplomacy: Bridging the Religious Divide

The Juneau World Affairs Council presents “Faith-based Diplomacy: Bridging the Religious Divide” with Douglas Johnston. Johnston is president and founder of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy. The nongovernmental organization’s mission is to prevent and resolve identity-based conflicts that exceed the reach of traditional diplomacy by incorporating religion as part of the solution. Recorded…

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