Live coverage of the Alaska legislature, including committee meetings, Alaska senate and house floor sessions, press conferences and other legislative events. In addition, we cover oral arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court, administration press conferences and briefings, general government activities, and other meetings about legislative issues or of political interest.


Governor Swearing-In Ceremony

Governor Mike Dunleavy (R-Alaska) and Lt. Governor-Elect Nancy Dahlstrom (R-Alaska) are sworn in at an inauguration ceremony held at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage.


2022 Alaska Ranked Choice Vote Count

Special coverage of the 2022 Alaska Ranked Choice Vote Count from the Alaska Division of Elections headquarters in Juneau. All results are unofficial until certified by the Division of Elections.


Select Committee On Legislative Ethics

Anchorage Only: 907-563-9085 Juneau Only: 907-586-9085 Outside Anchorage or Juneau: 1-844-586-9085 Public Comment Executive Session Public Session Other Business


Legislative Budget & Audit

Approve Minutes: July 14, August 10, September, September 28 Revised Programs Legislative (RPLs) a. RPL#08-2023-0130,DCCED, Fed Rcpts Op-USDA Seafood Processors Pandemic Resp and Safety Grants of $6 million or more b. RPL# 09-2023-0131, DCCED, Fed Rcpts Op- USDA Seafood Processors Pandemic Resp and Safety Grants of $2.5 to $6 million c. RPL# 08-2023-0132, DCCED, Fed…

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