Nat Herz, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage

Begich spent four years as a consultant. As governor, he could sign bills affecting former clients.

For the past four years, Begich has owned a public affairs and consulting firm, working with clients that intersect with state government. If elected, he’ll likely be faced with decisions that will directly affect the businesses, unions and Native organizations that have been paying his business for advice.

Alaska law says lobbyists can’t raise cash for candidates. But lobbyists are still sending invites to fundraisers.

Some of Alaska’s most prominent lobbyists are boosting the fundraising efforts of political candidates, prompting questions about whether they’re breaking a state law that’s designed to limit lobbyists’ influence over the legislative process.

The man who translates climate change data for Alaskans is retiring. Here’s a Q+A.

Alaska’s summer may have seemed cold. And it was, compared to the previous few. But it was actually still significantly warmer than the previous three decades. Rick Thoman, who’s retiring from his job as a federal climatologist, talks about how sometimes our brains can tell us different things than the data.