How Filipinos in Alaska can vote in the Philippines’ national elections

Workers with the Special Ballot Reception and Custody Group receive ballots at the Philippine Consulate General office in San Francisco. (Photo from the Republic of the Philippines, Philippine Consulate General, San Francisco)

The overseas voting period for the Philippine national elections ends May 9. 

Overseas Filipinos who registered to vote by Oct. 14, 2021 are eligible to vote in this election. If you did not register to vote by that date, you are ineligible to vote in this election.

There are two ways to vote from overseas: by mail and in person at your region’s consulate office. For Filipinos in Alaska, that office is in San Francisco.

If you plan to vote by mail, you should have received your ballot. 

If you are in Alaska and haven’t received your ballot, you can check to see if the consulate general in San Francisco has you listed as one of the voters with incomplete address information. The consulate general’s office also has a list of people whose voting packets were returned to sender.

If your name is on either list, you’re asked to email the consulate’s office so they can send you your voting packet. 

When you complete your ballot, you’re required to write your name on the ballot envelope and sign it. The ballot envelope then needs to be sealed with the paper seal included with your voting packet.

Each voting packet comes with postage stamps, but the consulate has advised voters to add one more USPS stamp before sending completed packets to the consulate. The consulate also said voters can send packets with only the stamps provided, and it would pay for postage due for any packets they receive that don’t have enough stamps.

Ballots must be returned to the Philippine Consulate General’s office in San Francisco by 4 a.m. Pacific Time on May 9. 

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Filipinos in Alaska

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