Wednesday, April 28th: Update on The Glory Hall. UAS Class of 2021. Juneau’s spring clean-up efforts.

The Glory Hall hopes that with a new building, it can be more than just a warehouse for human suffering but a place to help some of Juneau’s most vulnerable find hope and healing — and ultimately. reclaim their lives.

On Wednesday’s Juneau Afternoon, a progress report on the new campus, as construction nears its final stages. Also an update on the shelter’s Empty Bowl campaign. How close are fundraisers to reaching their $20,000 goal?


Mariya Lovischuk, director of The Glory Hall, and board member Mary Ellefson, will also talk about plans to open the new shelter this summer.

Also on this program:

UAS Chancellor Karen Carey (Photo courtesy of U.A.S.).

UAS GRADUATION. The University of Alaska Southeast’s Class of 2021 will graduate in a virtual ceremony this Friday, but these students have already made their mark. A look back at all the challenges they had to overcome since the pandemic. Guests: UAS Chancellor Karen Carey and Elise Tomlinson, a  2021 Master’s of Public Administration graduate.  

University of Alaska Southeast Graduation on May 5, 2019, the last in-person graduation ceremony since the pandemic. The Class of 2021 will take part in a virtual commencement, which can be watched on the UAS Commencement website, at April 30 at 5:00 p.m. (Photo by Michael Penn).


COMMUNITY CLEAN-UP. T’is the season for greening-up and cleaning up.  Two organizations offer opportunities to get involved:

  • The Southeast Alaska Land Trust is holding a wetlands clean-up on Saturday, May 1st. Guest: Nancy Waterman, who serves on the Trust’s board of directors.                         
  • Litter Free Inc is organizing a community-wide clean-up that targets public and commercial common use areas. Guests: John Hudson, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition. Laurie Sica, Litter Free Inc.

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