Democratic presidential candidates take to Twitter to weigh in on Alaska politics

The leading Democratic contenders for the White House are weighing in on Alaska politics and the ferry strike — at least on social media.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted her thoughts on the state’s ongoing political situation on Tuesday. Warren linked to an Alaska Public Media story about Anchorage declaring a civil emergency, and called Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget cuts “extreme.”

On Monday, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders chimed in on the ferry labor dispute, tweeting “I stand with the IBU” and urging Dunleavy to “bargain in good faith” with the striking ferry workers.

And late last week, former Vice President Joe Biden also tweeted his support for the ferry workers on strike, calling the funding cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System “draconian.”

The top-polling Democratic candidate for President then called on Gov. Dunleavy to “restore full funding immediately.”

Current Republican President (and frequent tweeter) Donald Trump has not yet weighed in on Gov. Dunleavy’s recent policy choices. But in the past, Dunleavy has received Trump’s enthusiastic support — both in person and on social media.

(Creative Commons photo by Fred PO)

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