Homer beachcomber finds massive octopus tentacles

A local Homer resident discovered two large tentacles washed up on an Anchor Point Beach Wednesday.
While beachcombing, Ginger Frizzell found what appeared to be two cephalopod arms that measured over 5 and ½ feet in length. A local biologist told the Alaska Dispatch News that he believes the tentacles belonged to a giant red octopus, a common species in the Cook Inlet and Gulf of Alaska waters. This octopus can have tentacles that weigh 70 pounds and are as long as 14 feet.

This isn’t the first time that Frizzell says she has come across tentacles on the beach. She told KBBI that in April 2014 she found similar tentacles washed up on Bishop’s Beach in Homer.

Frizzell has lived in Homer for two years, and she says she is always “out and about” with her camera. Since Wednesday evening, Frizzell’s Facebook posting of the tentacles has been shared nearly 3,000 times.

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