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Two water line breakages interrupt service to about 24 Juneau homes

Several houses in Juneau are without water right now as City and Borough of Juneau crews in North Douglas and out the road work quickly to fix the problems.

Public works director Kirk Duncan says earlier today a contractor tried hooking up a North Douglas subdivision in the 3500 block to the main water line. Instead, another service line was disrupted and about 20 houses have no water.

“This one is going to be a bit of a mess. It broke a two-inch service line and we’ve got to get that fixed before we can get the main turned back on. It could be several hours before water is back on,” Duncan says.

People outside the immediate shutoff area on the 3500 block of North Douglas may experience air in the water lines or brown water. In those events, Duncan instructs people to run cold water.

Out the road on Andreanoff Drive, a fire hydrant is losing water causing four homes to be without.

Duncan doesn’t know what caused the hydrant to come apart.

“This is the first cold snap we’ve had, it could be weather related. Until we take the fire hydrant apart we won’t know what happened,” he says.

Duncan says other houses on Andreanoff may experience lower than normal water pressure.

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