More prison time for Bob Huber

A Juneau man convicted of assaulting his girlfriend last December has been ordered to serve four months in prison.

Bob S. Huber, 32, already pled guilty to a reduced charge of misdemeanor assault. The sentence handed down by Superior Court Judge Louis Menendez on Tuesday totaled seven months in prison with three months suspended.

Huber was earlier charged with a felony and his defense attorney believed there was plenty of evidence in his favor to contest that charge at trial. Huber and his defense attorney Eric Hedland asserted that the victim was a chronic alcoholic, aggressive, and likely the instigator of any domestic violence in the relationship, and they contended that the prosecution’s account of the incident was flawed and inaccurate. But considering the roll of the dice that sometimes comes with a jury trial, Huber avoided it with a plea agreement. He also avoided a possible conviction on a felony that could lead to a possible petition to revoke his probation from earlier case which could mean more time in prison.

Huber was earlier convicted of causing the fire that destroyed Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and McPheteres Hall, and he has at least seven years of suspended prison time hanging over his head.

Prosecutors and probation officers also noted other instances in which alcohol or Huber’s behavior got him into trouble. They requested that Huber be sentenced to a year in prison with six months suspended.

Hedland suggested a sentence of 90 days with 60 days suspended.

Judge Menendez, a noted film buff, earlier disclosed the casual conversations that he had with Huber when he worked at a Juneau Blockbuster store. But neither the defense or prosecution voiced objections or wanted him bumped from the case.

Menendez also ordered Huber to stay away from alcohol during the three years that he is on probation. He did not impose a fine because of the multi-million dollar restitution order that remains in place against Huber.

One of the last things that Menendez said to Huber on Tuesday was “If you get in a situation like this again, (then) walk away.”


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